CIN Full Form in GST

What is the Full Form of CIN in GST?

CIN full form in GST is Corporate Identification Number. Since a company’s incorporation by the ROC, all of its aspects and operations have been tracked using its CIN, which must be presented on all transactions with that ROC. a 21-digit Finding fundamental information about a corporation is made easier by the CIN, which has its own definition that is simple to translate. It is used to locate the basic information of businesses that are MCA-registered domestically. For various sets of data that ROC Or MCA has, a company’s CIN can be utilized to identify or monitor the company.

Corporate Identification Number

The CIN includes details about the company registered under the ROC as well as the identity of the organization. A 21-digit alpha-numeric code known as the Corporate Identification Number is given to domestically formed businesses when they are registered with the ROCs located in various Indian states under the MCA. All businesses registered in India, including Private Limited Companies, One Person Companies, Businesses that belong to the Government of India, Businesses owned by State Governments, Not-for-Profit Section 8 Companies, and Nidhi Businesses, among others, are given a CIN. The Limited Liability Partnerships registered in India do not receive a CIN, though. The LLPIN (Limited Liability Partnership Identifying Number), which serves as an exclusive 7-digit identification number of the LLP, is provided for LLPs by the ROC.