SAC Full Form In GST

What is the Full Form of SAC in GST?

SAC full form in GST is Servicing Accounting Code. HSN and SAC codes aren’t very different in nature, but their use is different. For example, HSN codes are basically used for the classification of goods, on the other hand, SAC codes are used for the classification of services. Usually, the SAC code is 6 digits, where the first two digits are always 99, which represents the classification of services. The next two digits in the SAC Codes represent the category, nature, or domain of a particular service. And the last two digits in the SAC code are specific numbers or digits assigned for specific services.

Servicing Accounting Code

Practical Example Of SAC Codes

In order to understand SAC codes in a better way, let’s look at the practical example of SAC code 99.82.13 which is used for the classification of a particular service. In the SAC code 99.82.13, the 99 represents that the thing that is being classified or recorded is actually a service. The next two digits are 82, which represents that this particular service falls under the category of legal services. And the number 13 represents that it is a service of legal documentation for patents.