List of Top BFSI Companies In Mumbai

BFSI is a term used as an abbreviation for banking, financial services, and insurance. Since Mumbai is known as the financial capital of India, it is pretty obvious why so many BFSI companies are actually headquartered in this developed city. And in 2023 as well, Mumbai continues to be a key strategic location in the BFSI industry of India. That’s because Mumbai has a developed infrastructure, a skilled workforce, and a strategic location, that’s the reason why Mumbai is the favorite city of the majority of BFSI companies in the country.

And today we will be taking a look at what are the top and best BFSI companies in Mumbai, we’ll also explore what are the special things about these particular companies, and how they are contributing to the life of an average man along with India’s economy.

List of Best BFSI Companies In Mumbai

1. Axis Bank

Founded in Gujarat in 1993 and now headquartered in Mumbai, Axis Bank is the biggest and most prominent BFSI company in the city. Axis Bank offers a range of financial products and services to its customers, including personal and business banking, loans, credit cards, wealth management, and insurance. The bank has more than 5000 branches and 11 thousand ATMs across India, making it one of the largest banks in the country. It is known for its customer-centric approach, which has helped it to build a strong reputation in the BFSI industry. Lately, Axis bank has been investing heavily in technology to enhance its customer experience and improve operational efficiency.

2. Angel One Limited

Angel One Limited is another prominent financial services company that is based in Mumbai, India. Since its establishment in 1996, the firm has been providing various financial products and services, including stockbroking, mutual funds, and insurance. Angel One Limited has more than 140 branches across India, serving millions of customers in the country. The company is known for its user-friendly online trading platforms that offer real-time market data, trading tips, and research reports. Additionally, Angel One Limited has a robust institutional business, catering to corporate clients with personalized investment solutions.

3. HDFC Bank Limited

HDFC bank was also founded around the same time as Axis, and soon it became one of the biggest banks in the country. At this point, HDFC is considered a too-big-to-fail bank in the country, which is a pretty big achievement in our opinion. And similar to Axis bank, HDFC bank also offers a variety of banking, insurance, and other financial services, not just to the people who live in Mumbai, but all across the country. As of now, HDFC bank has around 6,500 branches in India. Even if you live in an urban area in the country, you can easily find an HDFC branch in your area.

4. Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank is another Mumbai-based bank, but it is one of the few banks that allows special services where you can open a fully functional bank account online. Headquartered in the Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, Kotak is the most reputed and trusted bank in the city. Their services include opening Demat accounts, trading, insurance, banking services, and much more. And since Kotak was established back in 1985, it is one of the oldest established banks in the entire city.

5. Tata AIG General Insurance

In India, Tata Group’s name is enough for people to believe that they’ll receive top-notch service and products. And Tata AIG General Insurance was established in 2001 to deliver exactly that. It is actually a joint venture between Tata Group and American International Group (AIG) headquartered in Mumbai. They offer a wide range of insurance products catering to different needs, such as motor, health, travel, and home insurance. Tata AIG General Insurance’s customer satisfaction is unparalleled, providing personalized services to make sure that each customer is well-attended. With over 200 branches and a robust online presence, it is easy to access their services.

6. Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited

Lastly, we’d like to talk about the Future Generali India Insurance Company, a BFSI company that was established back in 2006. This company is known for providing the best and most reliable insurance to the general public in the country. And as per their claim, last year in 2022, Future Generali India has more than 2.6 lakh claims settled, which is impressive. This particularly shows that the company works on a customer-centric approach. And when you check out the reviews about Future Generali India online, you’ll find out that many people are talking positive things about this company. And that’s because they opted for the insurance policies by this company, and were able to easily claim when they were in need.


That’ll do it. And these companies aren’t just the top BFSI companies in Mumbai, but all across India. Especially, Axis and HDFC banks provide banking, financial services, and insurance literally all across India.