List of Top HVAC Companies in Chennai

Chennai has seen massive development, and a lot of it can be attributed to the service sector in the city. You would have noticed many new commercial complexes in the city, which has also increased the need for HVAC Units. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, and these units are big industrial-sized air conditioners usually installed on the roof of the building. They are connected to the whole building using the ducts. HVAC is energy efficient, and they are usually low on maintenance. Almost all commercial clients have HVAC installed on their premises. In addition, you will notice that many residential buildings have started installing HVAC Units.

If you need HVAC for your commercial or residential building and if you are looking for the best HVAC Company in Chennai, then you are on the right page. These companies will not only help you install a new HVAC unit, but they can also help you maintain the existing units. Below are the top HVAC Companies in Chennai in 2023

Best HVAC Companies in Chennai

1. ETA General Pvt Ltd

On top of the list, we have ETA General Pvt Ltd. The company is a joint venture between two leading HVAC companies in Japan and Dubai. ETA General Pvt Ltd has been in business since 2000 in India, and they can take care of any HVAC-related requirement for you. The company had a small start, but today, it is a global market leader. Even in Chennai, ETA General Pvt Ltd has many clients. You can contact them directly and enquire about the service you need. You will be able to get everything that you need.

2. The Smart HVAC

The Smart HVAC is one of the most reliable HVAC Companies in Chennai. The company is managed by a team of mechanical engineers with over 33 years of experience in the industry. The Smart HVAC has worked with some big names for HVAC installation and maintenance. The customer service of The Smart HVAC is amazing, and they can also help you with lift lobby pressurization. You can reach out to them for any of your needs, and you will certainly get the best possible services. The Smart HVAC can undertake small and large projects based on the client’s needs. The company can help you with locally assembled and branded HVAC units. You can even get an AMC from The Smart HVAC, which will save you a lot of future costs.

3. Rittal India Private Limited

At number 3, we have Rittal India Private Limited, and this company was incepted in 1961. The company’s services are not just restricted to HVAC Units but also provide automation systems, IT Infrastructure, Software Services and a lot more. Their portfolio has a lot of options for HVAC units and other cooling devices. The HVAC units from Rittal India Private Limited can be customized as per your need and are certainly very efficient. Rittal India Private Limited should be your point of contact if you are looking for the best HVAC services.

4. AM Clean Air Engineering Private Limited

AM Clean Air Engineering Private Limited is one of the best businesses for HVAC in Chennai. They offer a wide range of services to clients, and they give personalized attention to all their clients. You can trust AM Clean Air Engineering Private Limited with reliability and precision. AM Clean Air Engineering Private Limited is also a manufacturer of Air Handling Units, Cooling Coils, Air Washers, Condensers, Fresh Air Units, HEPA Filter Units and other such products which are a critical part of the HVAC system. The company was founded in 2008 and has the required experience to carry out any job.

Final Verdict

These companies are experts in the HVAC domain, and you can contact them with all your needs. We also recommend having an annual maintenance contract for the HVAC units, and that can save you from a major cost. These AMCs act like insurance for you in case of a major breakdown. Moreover, the companies we have listed above are very efficient and quick. So, you can reach out to them even in case of a major breakdown, and we assure you the best of the services from them. We hope this information has helped you with what you were looking for regarding HVAC.