Top 10 Water Pump Manufacturing Companies In India

A water pump is not a luxury, in today’s world they’ve become a necessity. From households to businesses and farmlands, water pumps are definitely useful in every sector. A water pump has just one function which is to pump water and move it from one place to another. But what purpose it serves for you and how you use it are the important things to consider.

However, going to the market and picking the very first water pump you see would be a bad idea. Instead, you should consider things like horsepower, electricity consumption, build quality, and brand assurance. And to help you with that, we’ve compiled a detailed list of the top 10 best water pump companies in India that you can rely on.

List of Best Water Pump Companies In India

Water Pump companies

1. Kirloskar

Whether it is about manufacturing water pumps for households or fulfilling the need for industrial water pumps, Kirloskar is the perfect fit. The company was started way back in 1888 on a very small scale but now has spread itself to over 70 countries. No matter for what purpose you want a water pump, you’ll get the best from Kirloskar every time. If you’re looking for a good horsepower water pump for your household, you should be looking for a Kirloskar water pump. You may find one specific that just slides right in as per your needs.

2. Crompton

Similar to Kirloskar, Crompton also offers a variety of water pumps to solve the water distribution problem for a variety of sectors such as agriculture, normal house use, and businesses as well. Talking specifically about the Crompton water pumps for household use, they are designed in a way to consume less electricity with higher water pumping power. Along with that, the water pumps by Crompton are taking the market by storm because they are quite inexpensive as compared to their competitors. Such water pumps are built in such a way that they can be used for construction sites’ water needs as well.

3. Havells Pump

Havells is definitely the biggest home appliance brand in the Indian market. And over the years, Havells has gained not only popularity but also trust among the Indian audience. If your house is under construction and you want to buy things like a water pump, wiring, and other electrical items, somebody may have suggested Havells to you already. right? If you want sturdy build quality, great horsepower, less electricity consumption, and, on top of that, great brand assurance, then Havells water pumps are the way to go.

4. CRI Pump

It’s been over half a century since the CRI pump has been around. This company has been leading the water pump industry for decades now. And now it has spread its roots to around 120 countries across the globe, which is quite impressive. But within the last decade or so, there’s been quite a bit of competition in this industry, but CRI seems to beat the competition quite easily. Such a competitive environment in the water pump field is good for customers because, ultimately, they’ll get the best products at good price points.

5. Lakshmi

The popularity of the Lakshmi water pumps now seems to fade away because of the competition, but still, their water pumps are far better than most companies. The prime selling point that works for Lakshmi water pumps is that they’re not only better than other companies’ pumps but cost quite a bit less as well. If you’re someone who’s in need of a water pump for normal house use or for agricultural purposes, we’ll recommend that you just go ahead and pick the right horsepower water pump from Lakshami and you’ll be good for the most part.

6. Shakti Pumps

It is definitely the oldest water pump brand on our list, but Shakti pumps focus on delivering quality for a reasonable price, and that’s why we have added it to our list. Shakti pumps came into existence in 1982 and were just a new water pump manufacturer and supplier, but now they have spread themselves to more than 125 countries, which is just incredible. No matter what your needs are when buying a water pump, Shakti pumps have got you covered. As of now, they’ve launched more than 260 pumps on the market.

7. Oswal Pumps

Oswal introduced its water pumps back in 2000 to the Indian market, and ever since, their popularity seems to be increasing year by year. As of now, Oswal is a well-renowned and recognized brand by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Talking about the water pumps they offer, so we’ll definitely consider Oswal’s water pumps as decent products at a good price point. This is how Oswal has become the top choice for farmers and regular customers who just want a reliable and inexpensive water pump.

8. Texmo

This company was established in 1956, and since then, it has had the sole goal of providing the best quality water pumps for reasonable prices. Because of the smart approach that Texmo equipped, they’ve now become the leading brand in this industry. You may think that Texmo is not a very popular brand, but it is well established in the industrial and agricultural industries.

9. V-Guard

If you’re a resident of India and you’ve never heard of V-Guard, then we assume you must be living under a rock. V-Guard is one of the leading home appliance companies in India. V-Guard began its journey back in 1977, but because of the skyrocketing growth of this company, we can say for sure it is a leading brand in the industry right now. Sturdy build quality, great power, less energy consumption, and a reasonable price, are the things you can expect from V-Guard’s water pumps.

10. Usha Pumps

You may think of Usha Company as just a sewing machine company, but it is more than that. It is true that Usha got the recognition because of their incredible sewing machines, but now it has expanded to other industries or categories as well. Usha water pumps are something the Usha company is good at, and without a doubt, we can recommend Usha water pumps for regular usage for a household, farmland, and for some other use cases.

Water pumps are not something we change every 3–4 months, so it is better to invest in a good quality one. And with this list of the top 10 best water pump companies in India, you can get a firm idea of what a good water pump company or brand looks like. So, the next time you’re looking for water pumps, don’t forget about the companies we mentioned above.

How to Choose the Right Water Pump for Your Home

Modern water pumps are built for specific uses utilizing advanced technologies. They are utilized in households, public institutions including schools and hospitals, business facilities, and industry to increase mechanical energy and move water in compact setups. Due to their different uses, there are several pump classifications on the market. Thus, choosing the correct pump for a purchase is crucial. What should a buyer consider before buying one?

1. Purpose of purchase

Choosing a water pump’s specific use is the first step. Your water pump must comprehend its installation environment for reliable performance. However, new purchasers sometimes struggle to choose which features are ideal for them. Here are details on different residential water pumps:

2. Emergency Water Removal Systems

These pumps are designed for underground and restricted spaces. Flood-prone low-lying homes should use them. Sump pumps remove standing water from basements and other underground spaces.

3. Jet Pumps

Because of their limited depth (30 feet), jet pumps are primarily used for groundwater. To bring water to the surface, they create a vacuum by lowering the surrounding atmospheric pressure. Jet pumps are installed either in a dedicated well house or directly on top of the well itself.

4. Underwater Pump

Submersible pumps are water pumps that can be buried underground. Instead of dragging water toward the home, they are designed to force it to the surface. Experts always use the best pumps available.

5. Pump with Steady Pressure

A constant pressure pump is the best option if your home frequently has low water pressure. They could help you maintain a steady water pressure, ensuring that your household never goes without.


Check the guarantee on a home water pump you buy. Since water pumps include motors and intricate construction, you should be able to get a specialist to fix them. All residential pumps have approx. 12-month warranties. Some considerations should be made when shopping for a water pump to guarantee the success of your purchase. Water pump quality, water type to be pumped, water pump flow rate, water pump maximum head, and water pump intake valve size are all relevant variables. Choosing the finest pump brand depends on personal preference and demands. Before choosing, investigate and compare brands and models.