Top 10 Best Wall Putty Companies In India

Whether you are planning a renovation of your existing home or shifting to a modern home, you have to make sure that everything from the interior to the wall paint is perfect. And, to get a smooth texture and shine on the walls of your home, you need to opt for quality wall putty. This white powder material will provide a smooth base for the wall.

Depending on the preference and requirement of the traditional or contemporary look of each Indian home, the texture of wall putty varies. Different textures of wall putty include satin, eggshell and flat.

Wall Putty Companies

Simply put, wall putties are offered in different textures by different brands in India, which makes sense given that you have a lot of options to choose from. And, it is advisable to go ahead with branded wall paint and putty to maintain the real cost of any home. Those searching for the best Wall Putty companies or brands in India can read the given description. The following listed are some of the top 10 trusted and quality wall putty brands in India.

  • JK Cement
  • Birla
  • Bird White
  • Iris
  • Asian Paints
  • Walplast
  • VV paints
  • Dulux
  • Nippon Paints
  • Simco Paints

1. JK Cement

JK Cement Limited is a renowned producer of the wall putty brand and the 3rd largest white cement manufacturer in the world. With a wide range of wood paints, finishes, tile adhesive & grouts, and an array of gypsum plaster products, JK can meet the requirement of every people in India.

The company has collaborated with the country’s multidisciplinary industries on the development of its customer orientation, technology leadership and product excellence over the past few decades.

 Established in the year of 1984, it has been introduced as the smartest & leading white cement company to provide innovative solutions and products. JK Cement has passed the quality standards, sustainability, performance and productivity. Wall putty offered by JK cement ensures a long-lasting smooth finish and performance. Also know about the best cheap canvas photo prints.

2. Birla

The company was established in the 1960s by Aditya Birla at the age of 24. That time, the Birla group has been one of India’s most financial and well-known industrial families for nearly a century. The brand engages in over 72 service subsidiaries and suppliers in different parts of the world including Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Canada, China and Australia.

Being the world’s foremost company with several sub-divisions, they have become the largest producers and suppliers of Sponge Iron, Chemicals, Cement, Putty, Rayon Grade Pulp, Copper and Aluminium. The thing that will amaze them about their wall putty includes smooth finish, water resistance, better coverage, durability and thickness.

3. Bird White

Another leading Indian putty brand, Bird White offers flawless wall putty. But, the brand slowly comes into the limelight by ensuring quality through cement-based putties. If you are looking for something different that highlights the charm on the walls of your home, then go for bird white artificial cement-based wall putty. But, you may face some kind of difficulties while applying it to areas prone to seepage of water.

4. Iris

Iris is one of the popular manufacturers as well as suppliers of wall putty. The brand was established on the belief that a growing wall care technology can uphold not only walls for long period but also the attention of customers across the country. Iris engages in offering surface finish products both for exterior and interior wall surfaces, metal surfaces and wooden objects.

 However, you might not have heard of this company, but their manufacturing facility and expertise technical team assure you of great satisfaction if you connected it via purchasing wall putty. Iris provides you with quality putty in shapeless form, making it ideal for all types of wall repair requirements.

5. Asian Paints

With its head office in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Asian Paints is most lucrative in manufacturing as well as supplying products related to wall putty, paint, coating, bath fittings and home decor. Asian Paints has earned immense popularity due to its best offering of Cemented Putty. The best thing about this wall putty is that it works well on both fabricated and painted walls. Established in the year 1942, it has earned a profit of over $150 billion.

6. Walplast

Walplast, better known as Walplast products private limited is one of the leading & largest suppliers and ISO certified Indian multinational company producing construction material products in India. Formed in the year 2006, Walplast also follows the  American and European standards for testing.

Wall Putty by Wallplast consists of a wide range of materials which provide the best shine to the walls. Wallplate offers you cement-based polymer modified wall putty specially formulated as a texture coat to wrap pinholes and unevenness on an interior wall, plaster and ceiling to freshen up the surface for applying paint. The company is engaged in the best testing processes and technologies in manufacturing Wall putty.

7. VV Paints

VV Paints is one of the world’s premium mining companies. Being a part of the VV minerals group, VV paints has enjoyed a world-class reputation for supplying products to over 40 countries. Popular for providing quality products at a budget-friendly price, VV Paints is continuously expanding its scope of operations. Wall Putty from VV Paint is available in a water-based formulation as well as in ready mix format. VV’s wall putty gives a wall a premium shine as well as maintained it very well.

8. Dulux

Dulux is the most leading brand for engaging in the production of quality Paints. Dulux offer a full line of value-added paint products, including the Flood brand and authorized Glidden, as well as, specialty woodcare coatings and anti-resistance paints. Due to provide quality products and high-performance solutions, more and more customers are continuously connected through Dulux products. Established in the year of 1931, the brand is best acknowledged in manufacturing wall putties, as well as infrastructure paint.

9. Nippon Paints

Nippon Paints is a Japanese manufacturing company involved in the manufacturing of wall paints as well as wall putties. With its headquarters in Japan, the company has been came into existence in the year 1881. The wall putties offered by Nippon paints are premium in making adhesiveness and durability. If you are not able to bear the frequent painting and wall putty, then Nippon Paints is the only option which ensures you long-lasting performance, depending on a number of aspects

10. Simco Paints

Another leading brand on this list, Simco Paints engages in the manufacturing of wall putty. With its headquarters in Khopoli and Maharashtra, Simco Paints is rapidly expanding its footprint. Simco’s wall putties are the perfect blend of flexibility, strength as well as durability. However, the amazing quality of the Simco putty will ensure that the paint from the wall will not get cracked or tarnished for a long time.

Final Words

Before painting and priming, walls and ceilings are prepared with wall putty, which will eventually be ready to hold any type of paint.  For best outcomes, check that the putty is neither too thick nor too thin. And before applying wall putty, make sure the dedicated targeted surface is free from any dust mites, grease or dirt so that the finish does not deteriorate in the future.