Top 10 Best CNC Machine Manufacturers in India

CNC or Computer numerical control machining means the use of computers to control the machineries during any manufacturing process. The machines that can be controlled in this manner are mills, routers, grinders, etc. In CNC machining the machines are controlled by means of numerical programs. The reason behind the increasing popularity of these machines is that CNC machining can perform such complex tasks with high precision which are impossible to do manually.

There are various companies in India who manufacture the CNC machines. The following is the list of the top ten companies in India in descending order.

CNC Machine

10. Hitachi

Established on 1st February, 1920, Hitachi has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. In India, the head office of this public sector company is located in JasolaVihar in New Delhi. The company, which is trusted by all of its engineering products recently came up with CNC machine manufacturing. The various types of machines offered by the company are of high quality and over the years it has earned its goodwill in the market because of such products.

9. Makino

The headquarter of Makino is located in Japan and it was established in the year 1937. In India, the head office is located at Whitefield Road in Bangalore. The first ever numerically controlled milling machine was developed by this company in the year 1937 and in the year 1966 it set up the machining center for the first time in Japan. At present it an internationally renowned company and is known for its high quality CNC machines and tools.  It established its first technical Centre in Bangalore in the year 1998 and in the following years, it sets up offices in Delhi, Pune and Mumbai. The quality of the machines produced by this company is praiseworthy and it is said that the customers of this company hardly get any chances to complain regarding the services and the products of Makino.

8. Yasda

Yasda Precision Tools is a Japanese company that specializes in the manufacture of precision tools and machinery. The company was established in the year 1929 and it is internationally famous for the quality of the machines produced by them. The tools and equipment that they use for their manufacturing process is of high value, thereby the finished products are of the same quality which fetches maximum customer satisfaction.  Moreover, the machineries produced by this company meet all the international standards making them more reliable.

7. Okuma

Established in the year 1898, the company strives to fulfill the demands and the requirements of the customers. The quality of the goods and the services provided by this private company is unbeatable and the company strives to perform its best at all times. Okuma attained its worldwide fame because of its CNC machines and it has branches in a large number of countries. A Few years back it opened its first office in India and since then it has been seen steady growth in the country. The Indian head office is located in Worli, Mumbai.

6. Hyundai Wia

The first ever Korean company to get into the field of manufacturing CNC Machine tools along with Automation is Hyundai Wia. It was set up in the year 1977 and since then this private company has seen unprecedented growth in the manufacturing sector and it is famous worldwide. In India it has gained its popularity in the recent years and it is located in ThiruvallurTaluk in Tamil Nadu.

5. Haas Automation, Inc

Established in the year 1983, the company, Haas Automation, Inc is located in Navi Mumbai in India. This company has been successfully providing CNC solutions to its customers and it is famous for its production of high quality of CNC machinery and other related tools. This private company is noted for its excellent customer care service.

4. Toyoda

Toyoda, established in the year 1949 has been successfully manufacturing CNC machines and its branches are spread all over the world. This private organization has earned its fame internationally because of its high quality of products and efficient service. In India, the company is located in Gurgaon and is very popular in the Indian market.

3. Yamazaki Mazak

Since its establishment in the year 1919, in North America, the company has spread all over the world. It has gained renowned popularity because of its all-round performance in the field of CNC machine manufacture. Along with good quality products, the company is known to provide good quality service as well. In India, their head office is located in Sanaswadi, Pune.

2. Matsuura

Matsuura Machinery Ltd is famous for the manufacture of CNC machines as well as machine tools.  Established in the year 1935, the company has its head office in Goregaon, Mumbai. They also specialize in the manufacture of automatic multi pallet and multitasking CNC machine tools and machineries that help in the manufacturing process of various commodities. Owing to its high quality of goods and prompt services the company has gained worldwide fame.

1. Mori Seiki

Established in the year 1948, Mori Seki is a well-known Japanese company that deals in machine tools and machinery. There are several branches of the company all over the world. It is said to be the best CNC manufactures in India and its Indian office is located in Bangalore. Since its launch in the country the company has witnessed steady growth.