6 Things To Do When Your Business Partner Is Not Performing Well

Starting a common business is no less important than starting a family, a stage in life. The choice of business partners should always be approached responsibly, weighing all the pros and cons. But what to do when a partner is not performing well? A partner is not an employee and a raised tone and the threat of dismissal will not help.

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Tips To Motivate Your Partner

Simple and effective tips will help you motivate your partner to work and still stay on good terms with him.

1- Competition Is The Engine Of Progress In All Areas

People often forget that there is no limit to perfection. Having accomplished a lot already doesn’t mean you can sit back and reap the rewards of your success. While you are resting, someone is working hard and growing further and further, and you remain in the same place. You can push your partner to work by your example or tell him about the achievements of your competitors.

2- Help Is Important

If your partner is not performing well, then offer him your help. Perhaps he has lost interest in your business since something is not working out for him. Share your experience, tell him what helps you focus on work.

You can try to jointly carry out one of the important projects. The main thing is not to take all the work on yourself and continue to control the process. While explaining difficult questions, it is important to be patient and allow your partner to learn how to solve difficult problems on their own.

3- There Is A Goal – There Will Be Results

Set a goal and assign responsibilities to achieve it. Let each partner at the end of the monthly report on the work done. And then everyone will see who is working and who is just sitting and waiting for everything to be done for him. Summing up is not necessary in the office. Why not make it a monthly ritual in some cozy place?

4- Monetary Motivation

If you listen to mom and dad, you will get candy. If you play around, you will be punished. One way or another, they start to motivate us from childhood. For some, rewards work better, and for others, punishments.

Your partner is no longer a child, and sweets will not make him sit down to work. And the punishment will only discourage any desire to work further. But motivation at any age is a powerful method. Remind your partner that money does not fall from the sky and can only be received if he joins the work.

5- Let Your Partner Fail The Project

Of course, business is a serious matter but completely entrust the work to your partner once. Let him make excuses to clients in case of failure.

Let’s suppose you and your partner provide assignment help services. You need to give a dissertation writing project to him and let him do it. If he doesn’t complete it timely or tries to contact you at the last moment, switch off your phone. Make him realize the importance of hard work once he loses a client.

6- Evaluate Yourself

Not sure what to do when your partner is not performing well? Does no advice help? Or maybe you should look at the situation from the other side? Are you too demanding and want your partner to cope with impossible tasks?

Perhaps you created an uncomfortable environment in the team and your moralizing had the opposite result. Take a simpler approach to work, take a few fewer projects for the next month. Give your partner time to deal with their problems and get into the work rhythm.

Summing Up

When starting your own business, remember that your business partners are people just like you. They also have emotions, desires, and plans. If you are not ready to put up with someone’s views and judgments, reflect on the topic of what motivates business partners and think about how to improve relationships in a team. Then you yourself will be the best partner.