TD Synnex Company Net Worth, History, CEO, founder Headquarter, Origin Country

The process of tech distributions and solutions has reached a new height with TD Synnex at present. Its decade long journey (original company was Synnex, 43 years old) has reached new milestones in its path. In the tech landscape, the company has been a respectable firm thanks to its steps to respect and value its partners and customers. Here we will be talking about the details about this company and more.

TD Synnex

TD Synnex Company Country United States
Established Year 2021
Headquarters Fremont, California, U.S.
TD Synnex Company CEO Rich Hume
TD Synnex Company Founders Robert T. Huang
TD Synnex Company Net Worth $8.89 billion (As of December 2023)
Industry IT Distribution Company

TD Synnex Story

1919’s TD Synnex was Tandy. Tandy shifted from leather to electronics in 1960s. Tandy Corporation launched Tandy/RadioShack in 1983 to handle electronics outlets. RadioShack sold gadgets and became famous. In 1980, Robert T. Huang created Synnex Corporation in California. OEMs and VARs received Synnex software and hardware first. Excellent customer service and delivery made the technology distribution company renowned.

A significant merger changed technology distribution in 1997. RadioShack’s parent business, Tandy Corporation, bought Synnex to integrate retail and technology distribution. The merger produced Synnex Corporation from Tandy/RadioShack’s distribution arm. Synnex Corporation improved distribution and provided RadioShack solid tech. This vital collaboration made Synnex a top technology distributor. Canada experienced Synnex’s 2000 worldwide growth. Company customers and presence may increase in North America. TD Synnex provides hardware, software, cloud, and cybersecurity. Variety allows the organization to meet changing partner and consumer demands. TD Synnex has grown via smart acquisitions and partnerships. It acquired Westcon-Comstor’s Americas business and Tech Data Corporation in 2017 and 2021 to grow globally and provide more products and services. Environmental conservation, ethical sourcing, and workforce diversity are TD Synnex sustainability strategies. This promotes corporate citizenship.

Financial Details

Investors, analysts, and stakeholders monitor TD Synnex’s finances. Technology distributor TD Synnex has significant annual revenues. The company’s $37 billion net revenue in 2020 reflects its global technical capabilities.Company profitability statistics demonstrate substantial shareholder returns. TD Synnex earned $727 million in the same fiscal year, exhibiting cost control and operational efficiency. TD Synnex appears on the NYSE as “SNX.” Analysts and investors follow firm equity. US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific are TD Synnex markets. Due to its worldwide position, the business services several markets and delivers technology solutions to partners. Enterprises facing digital transformation and security concerns might benefit from its cloud services and cybersecurity solutions.

Customer service makes TD Synnex a trustworthy technology distributor. The company values long-term customer and vendor partnerships. TD Synnex has won various technology distribution awards. Innovation and good service have made the company an industry leader. Starting as Synnex Corporation, the company has been successful in gaining a great status. The firm dealt with adaptability, excellence and innovation and used the power of technology to open new doors to the customers. With gradual acquisitions, global expansions and strategy making, a new landscape has been created by this company. In the 21st century tech ecosystem, TD Synnex stands as a symbol of excellence and leadership. The legacy of this company carries one.