Essay On Save Trees, Save Environment For Kids & Students

Trees are the valuable part of our Planet Earth. Along with catering to the very basic needs of life like oxygen, food, shelter, medicines, and fuel, they also cater to our needs in modern lifestyle. Since large numbers of benefits are discovered, importance of trees has been increasing day by day.

Trees offer shelter and shades, help control the climate, support wildlife, preserve soil, and also reduce pollution in different ways. All in all, trees create favorable and pleasing environment around us. Our landscape looks even more beautiful by planting trees.

However, commercialization and population explosion has led to huge cutting of trees. For development activities and personal benefits like parking lots and commercial buildings, and making houses, people are cutting trees. So, we are destroying our own planet by destroying the most valuable resource of our life.

Have we ever wondered what the Earth would be like without trees?

Global warming will melt glaciers and increase the sea level drastically. It will ruin the whole chain of lifecycle on earth. A lot of animal species are losing their habitats and water cycle is getting disturbed by our habit of cutting trees. We are obviously losing the great biodiversity of land that we should proud of.

Trees are considered to be the lungs from which we breathe. Without trees, have you ever thought where would oxygen come? Have you ever wondered what would happen to our lives without trees?

So, it’s the best time to save trees if you want to see good future for your next generation. Or one day it will be too difficult to breathe in the polluted world without trees.

Did you know that one acre of forest can absorb over 6 tons of Co2 and release up to 4 tons of oxygen? That much oxygen can meet the annual breathing needs of 18 adults, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

The increasing demand and use of paper is one of the most contributing factors behind the loss of trees. For doing this, special kind of plantations have been made to produce paper where special trees are needed for the pulp. As a result, paper manufacturing is replacing natural forests by such types of plantations. It leads to the loss of biodiversity. Pulp and paper is the largest consumer of natural resources and they may lead to lower water levels on earth for fish and various aquatic species along with changes in water temperature. It also causes huge climatic change. To waste a piece of paper, it just takes a second. But a tree to produce that paper takes decades to grow.

What We Have to Do?

There are certain steps we need to take to save trees and Earth –

  • First off, we should learn reusing and recycling the paper and avoid its wastage
  • Spread awareness about the value of trees and why we should save it.
  • Avoid any activity which may lead to forest fires.
  • Prefer e-bills and soft copies over the printed statements for mobile phones, telephones, ATM receipts, electricity bills etc.