Short Autobiography on Pen

I am a Parker Pen and here I am writing my autobiography.

I was born in a pen factory and they make luxurious pens. My company was founded by George Safford Parker in the year 1888. I am a fountain pen and I am golden and black in color. I was displayed in a stationary shop and I heard many people talking and passing by. Since I was a little expensive people never picked me up. They always chose the others and I always felt very sad and disappointed as even I wanted to be picked by someone. Time went on and I was still waiting for someone to come and pick me up.

One day a young boy came to buy a pen in this store. He looked at many pens and in the end, he chose me. The little boy chose me and I was a little surprised because he was too young to write with a fountain pen. He looked at me and smiled and I felt happy. I thought great pleasure being in his hands as he looked at me lovingly and his eyes were full of joys. He then asked the store manager to get it wrapped. He got me the gift wrapped in a nice red colored paper and on it he wrote Thank You. I was packed inside and it was all black. I could not see what was happening outside and I was getting anxious.

The little boy was humming something and he reached his home. He gave the box to someone and I could hear a pretty voice. The girl person opened the box and I saw her. She was the mother of that boy. She hugged her son and said thank you. My lady boss was a housewife but before that, she was a writer. She wanted to be a poet but she had her own restrictions. Her son inherited the talent of writing from her and so he thanked her for giving him such genes. Today, my boss is a very big poet and wherever she goes she carries me along. If she had to sign an autograph she signs it with me. I am very precious to her as I was the gift to her from her son. I am very glad that the little boy in that shop picked me up and made me so special in her life. We have the power as we are mightier than the sword. My boss used me to express her feelings to the world and today we both are very happy.