New Normal in Home Design: How Pandemic Influences The Shaping of Living Spaces

Even after its passing, the impact of the pandemic continues to be seen not only in businesses but also in homes. As businesses adapt new operational methods to remain relevant, homeowners change their home designs in response to the pandemic’s restrictions for safety. Surprisingly, the home interior design trends will likely continue long after the crisis.

The following are some amazing post-pandemic living space trends that are becoming the new normal in home design.

Living Space

1. Home Offices is the New Norm

Many people are still working from home even after the pandemic. With the advanced technology today, you can manage your employees from the comfort of your home using management software. Furthermore, your employees can cooperate and accomplish projects through collaborative software.

With this trend, home offices are becoming much like typical offices with all the furnishings and layouts. Upgrading your home office creates a professional environment and limits disturbances. For example, an enclosed office space shuts out noise from the people in the house. Adding warm colors and elements like plants can make the space more comfortable.

2. Improved Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is the heart of every home. However, these spaces are becoming busier with the pandemic lockdown and the whole family in the house. Therefore, there is a need to re-design frequently used spaces like the kitchen and the dining area.

Open layout and large windows are now the new cool, not only for lighting but also to enhance ventilation. Some expert designers now integrate desk areas and banquet seating in a large kitchen island.

The kitchen is no longer a cooking space but also a Zoom conference room, study area, and entertainment for kids. With this re-designing, homeowners are now creating larger kitchen and dining spaces. While you can re-design yours, you can also find spacious houses for sale in Nairobi listed by Hauzisha.

3. Modern Home Gyms

Covid-19 did not allow people to go out to public gyms. Therefore, gym enthusiasts had no choice but to include these facilities in their homes. Nonetheless, this upgrade is still trending in many places long after the pandemic. It helps to create space in your house enough to fit your favorite gym equipment.

Moreover, you can access virtual instructions from your trainer. Therefore, you may need to include a screen in your space. Surprisingly, designers are now designing homes with gyms to keep this trend going.

4. Home Spa

Bathrooms are no longer the simple spaces for a quick bath. Many people want a place to relax and relieve stress after a long day of working from home. Home designers, owners, and architects are now collaborating to create an exquisite experience with a home spa.

A home spa can include a steam function within your shower area. In addition, you can decide to remove the shower and install a luxurious bath instead. Integrating a gym and a spa to utilize every last space in your bathroom is also possible.

5. An Integrated Living Room

If you do not have sufficient space to serve all the purposes you want, the living room can become a multipurpose space. You can integrate a study area and entertainment area within your living room. While this was only an improvisation to cater to the pandemic lockdown needs, it is now an upgraded trend in real estate.

You can find a house with a stylish desk and chair area in one corner. However, integrating a home office in your living room requires proper research; you do not want to buy furniture that takes up all the space.

The COVID-19 pandemic came with many changes and disruptions in family setups and workplaces. As a result, the real estate industry is making astonishing improvements to keep up the pace. The best thing is that these trends continue to improve with upgrades from architects and designers.