10 Real Estate Misconceptions That Creates Confusions for Sellers and Buyers

It is a fact that real estate can often confuse because of some instances that occur naturally and unexpectedly. They often bring misconceptions that could lead to not-so-simple transactions between the two parties. It can be very a risky decision for both sellers and buyers most especially when investing is what we are talking about.

Thus, if the process is truly understood and followed, there should not be any worry about having some of these misconceptions. Myths that needed to be cleared. This is to better manage cash for homes and follow the right way of engaging within the world of  real estate.


Above these, to better know which one brings misconceptions and what is needed to be considered, here are some misconceptions that bring confusion to sellers and buyers. Let us dig into this with consideration.

Common Misconceptions that Sellers and Buyers Encounter in Real Estate

1. Less Commission means more earnings

Most sellers often look for real estate agents that charge them lesser than usual. In thinking that they could save up more money, they are hooked by this. Well, in reality, is that there’s no big deal to it. Thus, always remember this one thing in the world of real estate agents, that the quality of service you’ll receive often depends on how much you pay them.

In reality, some real estate agents want to receive higher payments as they depend on the success they receive in the industry. While some only require lower payments maybe because they have just starting in the industry. In short, the amount that may be required depending on what they had already achieved.

That is why thinking about choosing lower payments, think about the service you may receive to avoid disappointments.

2. Agent’s wants to achieve higher selling price

Agent wants to earn.It is not true that they all want to achieve more earnings. As most agents know their clients well, they think of ways on how to help them in any means by recommending anything that matches their budgets.

Agents will think that if they could not get their clients, they will end up with nothing. That is why they get themselves possibly lower than the usual to get their clients. It is truly a fact that they get little that what most of us think.

3. The best season for sales on real estate is in spring

This is not true. These days, many are choosing to sell homes during spring whereas in reality many have been selling any time of the year. The season doesn’t affect the way you earn money as many still become successful even if they sold some during winter. It is because any time of the year, there are still buyers that go all over the industry.

4. Cash is always the best

This one may hit most sellers and even buyers around. Thinking that offering them cash is always the best option, they end up getting lesser income in the end as the price gets lower just to have a sale fast. Setting aside the main agenda which is to have your home complete sales only proves that you have already made your biggest mistake.

5. A higher price brought by agents is the right option to choose

Selling the home with the highest price doesn’t mean that you have chosen the right decision as this comes untrue. Agents will list your home at the higher possible price thus it will just end up stocked as your home

Probable has a worth lesser than what the agent told you.

In the end, it is still good to choose the realistic price of your home, depending on how you see it. Choosing the higher price offer will still just end up lowering it.

 6. It is easy to sell homes on your own

Well, agents are made to assist you on your selling in its easiest and safest way. If you don’t have any idea how this works, you’ll probably end up doing wrong things. Real Estate agents know anything in the process and having their help involved will be much easier than you will think nothing anymore.

The result will be much better with the help of real estate agents.

7. Kickbacks are always onset

Agents don’t receive any kickbacks in the industry. As they have promised before entering the world of realtors, their profession doesn’t involve receiving any kickbacks. Thus, we cannot hide the fact that there are still agents who do receive kickbacks, yet we still know that there are more agents who still value their reputations.

8. The market always goes up

This comes untrue in anyway. Like another market, there are still times that the market goes down often because of some factors usually by inflation. The market doesn’t always go up even you have your pattern on selling and you can’t always project that your sales will just keep on rising.

9. Real Estate Agents are all the same

This comes not true as agents come in different capabilities. Depending on how long the agents have been in the industry, its skill will surely have an advantage over those agents who have just started. Experience-wise, these agents will surely know anything about the process. Thus, there are even newbies who work better than those who work longer in the industry.

In the end, you will probably just end up choosing the one you see that will guide you better in this industry. You might probably feel who got help behind these tons of agents.

10. Selling home doesn’t need to be prepared

For formality, you can still prepare your home by simple cleaning and fixing. Moreover, buyers often look for houses that are ready to be moved in. As today’s buying process comes fast, you need to prepare it before listing it on selling, this is to avoid any problem during the run.

You don’t need to have it fixed totally, just a little work will do just to show that the home is even good to move in.


There are tons of myths girdling on the world of real estate. It is just how you’ll probably know which is true and which is not. Correcting this misconception will probably help you know how to address various issues within the industry. Moreover, this should break the stigma and just focus on the goal that real estate has, and that is to help you throughout.