List of Top Chemical Manufacturing Companies In Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the main hubs for chemical manufacturing companies in the country. And that’s only because Mumbai is actually the financial capital of India, with a well-developed infrastructure and access to ports for easy operations, imports, and exports. And today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the industry leaders in this post titled List of the top chemical manufacturing companies in Mumbai.

If you’re an investor, job seeker, or interested in the industry, this article will provide you with valuable insights. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this one, so let’s get down to it then.

List of Best Chemical Manufacturing Companies In Mumbai

1. BASF India Limited

When it comes to chemical manufacturing for different sectors in the country, one name you’ll hear over and over again is BASF India Limited. It is a company established back in 1943, so you can say that BASF India was one of the few companies that pioneered chemical manufacturing in India. As of now, BASF India has more than 110,000 employees, working patiently all across the country. With such a huge workforce, BASF India is more than capable to lead the pack in terms of chemical manufacturing. Since this chemical manufacturing company has several import and export operations, Mumbai is the main strategic location because of the availability of ports.

2. Reliance Industries Limited

Next up is Reliance Industries Limited, which operates its main business from Mumbai. One interesting fact about this particular company is that it is one of the Fortune 500 companies on a global level. Not just that, when it comes to the largest private sector company in India, Reliance Industry ranks way higher than you think. The foundation for this chemical manufacturing company was laid back in 1958 by the most successful Indian businessman to be ever lived, Dhirubhai Ambani. We have included this company in our list today because it is one of the most prominent petrochemical companies in the country.

3. UPL Limited

When it comes to agricultural chemicals, UPL is by far the best and top chemical manufacturing company in India. This Mumbai-based chemical manufacturing company is actually the 5th largest company in the world to provide chemical solutions for Crop Protection. As of now, ULP sells its products in more than 138 countries around the globe with a significant market share in some foreign countries. We are very proud to see an Indian company making waves in the global market. The foundation for this company was laid back in 1969, and it was one of the first companies to pioneer chemical solutions in the Agri Chemicals industry.

4. Hindustan Unilever

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the Hindustan Unilever company. That’s because it is quite literally the biggest consumer goods company in India. This multinational company has acquired many small-scale companies since its inception in 1931. For many products that you use on a daily basis, there is a higher chance that Hindustan Unilever is the company behind those products. Since they make many daily-use consumer products, that’s why when it comes to chemicals, Hindustan Unilever automatically becomes the leader in this industry.

5. Pidilite Industries

When it comes to adhesives, sealants, and other construction chemicals, Pidilite Industries is the king in the Indian market. In a way, Pidilite Industries has played a role in pioneering the specialty chemicals in the country since its establishment in 1959. And you may have heard of the Fevicol brand, which is actually a subsidiary of Pidilite Industries, and it was in the year 1997 that Favicol made it to the list of the top 15 biggest companies in India. Not just that, Pidilite Industries was also awarded as one of the most promising companies in the year 2016.

6. Atul Limited

Last on our list is Atul Limited, and you’ll be surprised to know that this chemical company was actually established just 20 days after the Independence of India. Since then, it has achieved many milestones and has opened subsidiaries in multiple nations across the way. Apart from being one of the largest and most prominent chemicals companies in the country, Atul Limited has spent a significant amount of time and budget for a good cause. For example, just a few years ago, the company built more than 2000 toilets in households that really needed them through their charity named Atul Foundation. And this is one of the prime reasons why we considered including this company on our list today.


That’ll do it. Now you know which are the top names in this industry that are leading the way forward and actually shaping the bright future of chemical manufacturing in India. If you were looking forward to investing in this particular industry, we hope that our post has provided you with some valuable information about each company.