Leverage Call Center Support Services to Automate Call Distribution

Call centers provide our business with a platform where customers can connect with us. They are responsible for answering all customer queries and issues. A call center should quickly respond to the call of every customer. It might be challenging sometimes to quickly assign an agent to call. To tackle this challenge automated call routing systems were introduced.

The automated call distribution system helps agents to improve customer experience by providing them flexibility and convenience. This helps our call center agent to save time and effort. The main objective of the automated call distribution system is to provide effortless service for both customers and call center agents.

Utilize Support Services to Improve Customer Experience

Leverage Call Center Support Services to Automate Call Distribution

Our call center can improve customer experience by connecting them with an appropriate agent effortlessly. The call center can also provide better and more efficient service to customers. This can be done by various call center support services.

Currently, all businesses are becoming customer centric. Businesses are integrated with various technologies for e-business, sales force automation, customer inputs, communications, etc. This has increased the need for a call center to cater to all customer’s queries and issues.

Communication between the customer and the company is important. Now technology has made this communication easy resulting in better customer contacts and calls. To tackle these issues, call center provides various support services mainly ACD or Automate Call Distribution. We can also get Chat Support Services to serve our customers in a better way.

List of Commonly Used Call Center Services

  • Automate Call Distribution or ACD
  • Live Chat Support Service
  • Interactive Voice Response or IVR
  • VoIP
  • Multichannel Communication
  • Predictive Dialling
  • Automated Dialler
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Recording
  • Call Control
  • Call Barging
  • Call Feedback and various other call support services

How Does the Automate Call Distribution System Work?

ACD or Automate Call Distribution System in our call center helps us choose the right agent for the customer. ACD helps our agents to handle high volumes of calls from customers. Automate Call Distributors route all incoming customers’ calls to the right agents. The distributions of calls by ACD are based on various pre-set rules. This helps to ensure that customers relate to the most appropriate agent.

The Automate Call Distribution System helps our call center effectively manage a large volume of customers’ calls. ACD mainly assists:

  • When the call traffic is very high
  • When call center agents are busy or are not able to answer calls

Automatic Call Distribution routes all incoming calls based on the pre-set rulers that we have chosen. Support service like ACD works together with IVR or Interactive Voice Response to provide high customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

Step-By-Step Example for ACD And IVR Implementation

Step 1: A customer calls

Step 2: IVR greets the customer and prompts them to state their reason for the calling

Step 3: ACD routes the call to an appropriate agent based on the customer’s needs and demands.

Must Have Call Center Support Services for Call Distribution Automation

Computer Telephony Integration or CTI: CTI connects the telecommunication of the company with the software. This allows all call center agents to answer the call from their respective devices.

Interactive Voice Response or IVR: This service greets the customer. Then it provides a menu or prompts the customer to choose their purpose for calling.

Automatic Call Distributor or ACD: Finally, the ACD’s work takes place. That is routing the call based on provided customer’s purpose. Dialled Number Identification Service can also help to route calls based on the specific number dialled like:

o   Customer technical support

o   Customer claims

o   Customer service or queries

Call Routing for Automatic Call Distribution System

Call routing can be done in various ways. It mostly depends on how we have set up our routing strategy and algorithm. It also depends on how our Automatic Call Distribution system is configured. These pre-set rules help route the customer’s call to the appropriate agent. The algorithm for call routing can be based on events like:

  • The specific dialled number
  • The ID of the Caller
  • IVR prompts
  • Availability of Agents
  • Skill or Knowledge of the Agent
  • Time of the day
  • Queue statistics of the call

Types of Automatic Call Distributor

  • Linear call distribution or Fixed Order
  • Round-Robin Call Distribution or Circular Order
  • Uniform Call Distribution
  • Simultaneous Call Distribution
  • Time-based Call Distribution
  • Weighted Call Distribution or Skill-based Routing
  • Smart Routing or Data-based Call Distribution

The Automatic Call Distribution System provides multiple ways to route calls. We might prefer one over the other and need to choose one according to our requirements.

The Conclusion

Overall, it is best to choose a call center service that provides important support services like Automate Call Distribution. This will help us provide our customers with an efficient and immediate response. We will be able to solve the customers’ problems promptly and in turn, it will increase our productivity and work efficiency.