Know These Things Before Installing CNG Kit In Your Car

We all are aware of the price hike in petrol and diesel in our country. Apart from this, petrol and diesel engine cars play a huge role in increasing pollution and destroying the ozone layer. In this constant surge in price and pollution in the country, people started shifting towards CNG-fueled cars. CNG fitted car owners do not have to spend much on fuel and it provides them financial aid just like a car insurance policy provides a car owner financial aid in case of an unforeseen incident. However, here are some of the things that you should know before installing a CNG Kit in your car.

Compatibility Of CNG Kit With Car


The concept of driving a CNG-fitted car in India is not old. In an attempt to save some bucks, car owners used to get the CNG-kit fitted in their cars separately. This is not 100% safe. Also, you can’t be sure that your present car is compatible with the CNG kit because not all cars are designed according to as much space as a CNG kit requires. So, first of all, you need to be sure if your car is compatible with a CNG kit.

Once you are confirmed about the compatibility of CNG kit with your car, you will have to visit the Regional transport office to alter a few things in your RC. You will have to get the fuel type altered from Petrol/diesel to CNG and the process might take time but it is necessary. You can only drive the CNG fitted car legally only after this process.

Installation & Maintenance

You will have to invest a big chunk of amount if you want to purchase a CNG kit. A brand new kit can cost you around Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 60,000 that to according to your car company and model. Since the CNGkit is fitted in the back trunk of the car and your car does not have enough space then it can be a problem.

Apart from this, once you get a CNG fitted in your car than maintaining it can be harder and more costly than a petrol or diesel engine car. Also, after some time you’ll notice that you are going to the garage more than ever.

CNG Is Better Than Other Fuel Types

Once you decide to fit a CNG kit in your car, you are already doing a favour for the environment. As compared to Petrol and diesel engine cars, CNG cars are better for the environment and pollute less. Apart from the environment, the auto-ignition temperature of CNG is very high so it won’t catch fire easily and this feature of CNG makes the refueling staionsafer than petrol and diesel refueling station.

The less emission of carbon when compared to petrol & diesel engine. It is good for nature and human as well as budget-friendly for the states where fuel costs are high.

Availability Of CNG

Since all the companies like OLA, Uber prefer their cabs to run on CNG so that they do not have to spend much on fuel. There have been many times even in the big cities like Delhi and Mumbai when you book a cab and it comes to pick you the driver tells you that the car is running low on fuel and requires refueling. Then the driver takes a detour instead of getting it filled in the next station because the next fuel station does not provide CNG.

Just like this if you own a CNG car then make sure that there is a Fuel station nearby that provides CNG. Otherwise, the amount you might have used to get your CNG filled would be spent by then through your petrol/diesel.

Increment In Premium Rate

When you purchase a car insurance policy, you have to pay some amount as a premium to keep your car insured under the policy. The premium depends on your car model and ex-showroom price, fuel type etc.

When you convert your car into a CNG then there might an increment in the premium rate of your car insurance policy of at least 10%. Also, do not wait for the renewal of your policy for telling your insurance company about converting your car into CNG.

Compromise With Car Performance

All of the CNG car owners would know the drastic difference in the performance of the car. It decreases the pick-up. In a petrol engine car, the fuel acts as a lubricant for the valve and also with the cylinder. Whereas in CNG when you change switch the car into CNG after starting the ignition and the fuel type changes, it takes on the engine of the car and the performance of the engine starts getting low. This is why you have to take your car to the mechanic more often.


By converting your petrol or diesel engine car into a CNG car, you are helping the environment as well as your pocket. But, in a way it makes you spend money when the performance of the engine degrades. Also, you will have to face an increment in the premium rate of your car insurance policy as well as face some problems at the time of claim if you have not got the fuel type changed in your RC from the regional transport office and the investigator of the insurance company notices that. So, take care of these things and there aremany company fitted CNG cars out there in the market now that you can purchase which are better than the retro-fitted CNG kit cars.