How UK Students Can Cover Study Expenses without Financial Issues

To get a degree in one of the UK’s universities, you will have to think about study expenses. You will have to bear expenses in various forms. The first and major expenditure of the students is in the form of tuition fees. The UK universities can charge up to £9,250 as tuition fees. After that, you will have to bear living expenditures. The living expenditures vary from one city to another city and from one university to another university. The living expenditures also depends upon your lifestyle. By changing your lifestyle, you can control living expenditures. Most of the UK students don’t know how to cover study expenses. Here, we will discuss different scholarship and loan opportunities. By availing these scholarship and loan opportunities, the study can cover their study expenses without financial issues.

British Chevening Scholarships in the UK:

It is a global scholarship program. With the help of this scholarship, they are allowing the students to get the master’s degree. You can apply for this scholarship from any university in the UK. You should visit their websites and find out the eligible courses at your university for this scholarship. They will award 1,500 scholarships to different students in the UK. If you belong to Chevening country, your chances to avail this scholarship opportunity will be increased. The applications for this scholarship will open on 3 September 2020. You can submit online applications for this scholarship by visiting the website

Rhodes Global Scholarship:

If you are studying at Oxford University UK, you can avail this scholarship opportunity. They are providing scholarship opportunities to candidates around the world. If you want to avail this scholarship opportunity in the UK, you will have to ensure that you are getting the full-time postgraduate degree from the Oxford University UK. If they consider that you are eligible for this scholarship opportunity, they will pay your university fee. Moreover, they will also provide an extra snippet of £15,144 to bear living expenditures. If you want to apply for this scholarship opportunity.

Women in leadership scholarship at the University of Surrey:

The University of Surrey is offering scholarship opportunities to the women who get admission in their 1 year or 2 years of MBA courses. These scholarships are awarded to talented women only. All the female students around the country can apply for this scholarship program. If they are selected, they can continue their MBA studies at the University of Surrey. As they are selected on the scholarship, therefore, they don’t need to worry about financial issues. The interested women can apply for this scholarship program by visiting the official website of the University of Surrey.

Colt Foundation PhD Fellowship:

The PhD students have to face lots of problems in finding the best financial support programs. If you want to get admission in the UK universities, you can apply for the Colt Foundation PhD fellowship. They award four scholarships to the PhD students each year. The duration of this fellowship is for three years. If you have already started your PhD degree, they will shorten your period of the fellowship. You can avail this scholarship opportunity only if you are getting admission in the PhD degree in occupational or environmental health. The students from all over the world can apply for this scholarship program. If they are selected, they have to complete their PhD degree from the UK. To award this scholarship opportunity, they check the academic record of the students. If you want to apply for this fellowship, you should visit

Tuition Fee Loans:

Research by a dissertation help firm shows that tuition fee is the major expenditure in UK universities. Most of the students can’t pay tuition fees for their courses. Tuition fee loans are the best choice for the students to cover study expenses. While getting the tuition fee loans, you don’t need to worry about them. Its reason is that these loans are directly paid to your university or college. The tuition fee loans are available for the full length of your course. Anyhow, you can also get these loans for one more extra year. Various banks in the UK are providing tuition fee loans to the students.

Maintenance Loans:

While studying in the UK, you can also apply for maintenance loans. These maintenance loans are available to fulfil your living standards at the university. You can get maintenance loans to pay hostel dues. It is also available to bear the transport expenditures. You can also get this loan for buying new books. These maintenance loans are provided to the students based on two things. First, these loans are provided based on your studying area. Secondly, these loans are provided by keeping in mind the financial condition of your family. If you belong to a poor family, you can easily avail maintenance loans.

Extra Financial Support:

You can also apply for extra financial support while studying in the UK. You can apply for extra financial support while studying in the UK under some specific circumstances. First, you can apply for these loans if you have a disability. Secondly, if you are a parent and you will have to support your family, you can also apply for the extra financial support. Thirdly, if your family is depending on you, you can also apply for the extra financial support. Fourthly, in the case of the financial crisis of your family, you can also apply for extra financial support.

Fully-funded PhD Scholarship at Swansea University:

To avail this scholarship opportunity, you will have to get admission to the Swansea University. This PhD level scholarship is available in specific subjects. If you are getting admission in the subjects Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Computer Science at the Swansea University, you will be eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship opportunity is available for the UK and EU students only. If you get success in availing this scholarship opportunity, you can easily complete your studies without taking care of financial issues. To get complete information about this scholarship opportunity, you should visit the official website of Swansea University.