How to Write a Letter for Inviting your Friends to Your Sister’s Wedding

It is always a great pleasure to invite our loved ones to our relatives or other loved one’s wedding. One such occasion is our beloved Sister’s wedding. Here we are providing a sample on how you can invite your friends for your sister’s wedding in a formal way.

Sample Format

Block No,

Street Name,


State – Pin Code


Dearest Friend XXX,

It gives me an immense pleasure in informing you that my sister got engaged this month and will be getting married, coming fall. The date of the ceremony will be on August 22, 2017, however the celebrations will begin a week before the day of the wedding. We will be starting with Mehendi, followed by functions like Haldi, Sangeet, etc. We will really enjoy if you are present here to celebrate with us.

My parents have particularly asked me to invite you along with your family, to this grand wedding ceremony. I hope you will be present here a week before the wedding and we will be meeting with our common friends. This occasion might be the get together, we have always wanted. Me and my family members will be expecting you with your family.

And do not forget to bring your DSLR camera to the wedding. With this, you can showcase your talent as a photographer. I trust you can capture the events more lively than anyone else. I hope you will accept this huge responsibility bestowed on you, by me.

Do let me know when you will be arriving here, so that I can arrange some vehicle to pick you and your parents from the airport. We have also arranged a room in our guest house, for your comfortable stay.

Yours Friendly,



We have just provided the gist on how to write an informal letter to your friend and inviting them in a formal way. You can always enhance this letter with your own words.