How To Make MCD Property Tax Online Payment?

Property taxes are a great way to help the local municipal authorities upkeep and maintain the local civic amenities of your area. But the thing is paying property taxes was such a headache before the digitalization of India. Back then you had to visit the municipal office nearby to pay up your property tax, but now that thing has changed completely. Now, states and union territories in India also collect property taxes using online portals, so an individual can pay property taxes without leaving his/her couch. But for some people, paying property taxes like MCD property tax can be a little tricky at first. Thus we are here with a detailed guide on how to make MCD property tax online payments.

What Is MCD Property Tax?

MCD is actually short for Municipal Corporation of Delhi. And this municipal body is responsible for collecting property tax from the general population of Delhi and utilizing that budget to maintain and upgrade the infrastructure of the city for providing better civic facilities to the people. This means, by paying MCD tax, you are ultimately contributing to the betterment of your own city.


How To Pay MCD Property Tax Online?

There are some extra steps when you begin to pay MCD Property Tax Online, but overall it is pretty simple and straightforward.

  • First things first, open up your browser, search the term “MCD Property Tax” and click on the very first link that appears on top of the search results. Or Directly visit this URL:
  • After clicking on that first search result from Google, you’ll land on the official page of MCD. On this page, you’d have to choose from three options. Based on your property’s location in Delhi, select one option from SDMC, EDMC, and NDMC.
  • Once you do that, another page will load on the screen with a bunch of different options. It might be a little overwhelming, but try to find the option that says “Property Tax (PTR)” and when you hover over that option, the other two links will appear on the screen, simply select the Tax Payer Login
  • Now, another tab will open in your browser, and this time, you’ll have to log in using login credentials or OTP verification. Just log in using your preferred method and proceed next.
  • Right after logging in, all your properties will be listed on the dashboard with details like property type, owner type, owner name, address, etc.
  • At the right-hand side of each property box, you’ll see a green colored “Actions” button. When you click on this button, a few options will appear on the screen, just select the “Pay Tax” option.
  • A pop-up will appear on the screen after clicking that option, in which you’d have to select the financial year, after choosing the accurate financial year, click on the submit button. Now another pop-up will appear on the screen, simply go with the “No, I Want To Pay” and proceed next.
  • On the next page, all the details about your property and the total tax amount will be listed on the very same page. You don’t need to edit anything here, just scroll down to the bottom of the page, and select the “Pay Tax” button. If you want to save the details of this page, then simply hit the Download PDF
  • After clicking on the Pay Tax button, the online payment page will load on the screen where you’ll be able to see the total payable amount and there will be payment getaways to choose from. Simply select any preferred payment gateway to pay your MCD property tax and then complete the transaction.

After a successful transaction, you’ll be automatically redirected to the dashboard of the MCD online portal. A message about the successful transaction with the transaction number will be shown on the screen. And that is how you make MCD property tax online payments from the comfort of your home.

How To Download the MCD Property Tax Receipt?

If you have just completed a successful MCD property tax payment as we have shown above, then once you have been redirected to the dashboard of the MCD portal, there will be a message about a successful transaction on your screen. And within that message, you’ll have the option that says “Download Receipt” Simply click that link to download the receipt in PDF format on your device. However, there is another way to download MCD Property Tax Receipts. When you are on the homepage or dashboard page of the MCD property tax online portal, all your properties will be listed there. And under the “Actions” menu, you can select the “Payment Passbook” option to reveal all your previous financial years’ tax payments. There will be an option to download each financial year’s tax payment receipt in PDF format in just one click.