How to Block or Unblock ATM Card of Bank of India

Bank of India is a public sector bank in India, and it was incepted in 1906. Since then Bank of India has witnessed massive growth. Today, the bank offers an array of digitalized services, and you can take advantage of the same. These digital services have eliminated the need to go to the bank for things like cash withdrawals. The ATM card has become an essential part of the banking service today, and it can be stressful if you cannot find your ATM Card.

If you have misplaced your card or if your card has been stolen, then you must block the card immediately. This will prevent the misuse of the card. In the sections below, we have listed the pointers on how to block and unblock the ATM card associated with your Bank of India account.

Blocking the Bank of India ATM Card

Internet Banking: The most preferred way to block the card is through Internet Banking. If you have access to internet banking, then you must follow this method. The steps to block Bank of India ATM Card through internet banking are as follows –

  • Visit the official Bank of India website at
  • Enter your login credentials for the account, and you can then navigate to ATM Card Services Menu.
  • Under the menu option, please select Block ATM Card.
  • Now, choose the ATM card you want to block and select the action you need to perform. You will see an option to block or unblock the card.
  • A pop-up will now appear, and you can again click on the Block button to provide the confirmation. Once that is done, you will get an SMS OTP.
  • Enter the SMS OTP, and your card will then be blocked.

Mobile Banking: Apart from internet banking, another easy way to block the card is through the mobile app. Please note that you should already have the mobile app forthe Bank of India to be able to do this. You can follow the steps below to block the Bank of India ATM Card through the mobile app.

  • Open the Bank of India mobile app and log in to your account.
  • Click on the Debit Card option, and a new screen will be loaded
  • Click on Block/unblock option under the Manage Card button.
  • Select the card to block and enter the OTP. The card will be blocked as soon as you verify the details.

Toll-Free Number: If you don’t have internet access, the quickest way to block the card is through the toll-free number. You can call the Bank of India on 1800 425 1112 and select the option for emergency card block. The agent on the line will verify your details, and they will block the card for you. Alternatively, you can also call 022 40429123 to block the Bank of India ATM Card.

Bank’s Branch:If your card has been damaged and you think it is not critical to block it immediately, you can also visit the branch. You will need to submit an application to hotlist your Bank of India ATM Card. Once the application is submitted, the associate at the branch will immediately block the card.

Email: Another non-critical method to block the card is through email. You can email to block the Bank of India ATM Card. Please state the debit card number and convey the urgency to block the card immediately.

Unblocking the Bank of India ATM Card

If you have permanently blocked the ATM Card, you will not be able to unblock the card. In such a case, you would need to order a replacement card. Once the card has been hotlisted permanently, there is no way to unblock it. However, if you placed a temporary block on your Bank of India ATM Card, you can unblock it the same way you blocked it. You can use internet banking, mobile banking or a toll-free number to unblock the card. The navigation is the same, and you will be able to unblock the card post-verification.


By going through the points listed above, you will have realized that you can place two types of blocks on the card. One is the permanent block, and the second is the temporary block. If you have just misplaced the card and there are chances of finding the ATM Card, then we recommend placing a temporary block. If you are sure you have lost or damaged the card, you must permanently block the card. You can choose the block and the method listed above depending on the scenario. Please note that the Bank of India also provides an option to customize the limit on your ATM Card. So, to mitigate the risk, you can keep the limit for online transactions, POS transactions, and touch transactions to the minimum possible limits.