Essay on Rajaji National Park For Kids & Students

Rajaji National park is a famous park in Uttarakhand. It is spread over three districts in Uttarakhand such as Haridwar, Dehradun and Pauri Garhwal. This is now a popular tiger reserve after Corbett tiger reserve. Rajaji National Park is the best place to enjoy your family vacation. You can find many varieties of animal species and bird species here. This park is open throughout the year so that you can enjoy vivacious wildlife at any season.

History of the park

Three wildlife sanctuaries Chilla, Motichur and Rajaji in that area combined into one big park in 1983 and gave the name after prominent freedom fighter C Rajagopalachari. Hence this park got the name Rajaji National Park.

Flora and Fauna

  • This park is popular for its wide range of flora and fauna. It has 23 mammal species and 315 bird species. It is also popular for its flora species. Total area of the park is divided into six types of forests with variety of plant species. They are Sal Forest, Mixed forest with trees like Acacia and Vetiveria, Riverine forest, scrub forest, grassland, Sub tropical forest etc.
  • Flora varieties of this park are Shorea- Mallotus- Adina, Shorea-Terminalla-Bridells, Dalbergia-Acacia, Syzigium-Phoebe-Dypetes etc. All its vegetations get nourishment from Ganga, which flows through the park for a distance of 24 km. All the plant varieties have unique characteristics with great significance.
  • Various animals like Asian Elephants, Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Himalayan Bear, Cheetah, Hog Beer, King Cobra, Jackal, Sāmbhar, Striped Hyena Jungle cat etc are some of them. Asian Elephants are one main attraction you can find here. Another special variety is a mountain goat ‘Goral’. This park is popular for its wildlife safari. There is a 34 km safari range and you can see many animals and bird species. Popular wild safari ranges are Chila Range and Motichur Range.  This jungle safari is a 2-3 hours drive and visitors will enjoy the whole forest atmosphere with a wide variety of animal species. You can see many wild animals roaming freely in their territory.

Rajaji National park will be an excellent treat for animal lovers. Visit this park with your family. It will give you some unforgettable moments for sure.For every person, having an ultimate nature’s walk experience is a must because it gives you an opportunity to connect with the our biodiversity and in turn offer us peace and creativity.