Essay on Rain Water Harvesting and its Benefits

Rainwater Harvesting is a process of saving the rainwater and using it for something better. There are a lot of ways by which rainwater harvesting can be done. It is mainly the storing of the water and putting it to some good use when there is any water crisis. It collects the rainwater during the rainy season and it is collected. Conserving water has become very important as people usually face the shortage of the water problems. Rainwater harvesting also helps in agricultural lands and it benefits the farmers a lot. The water is collected and it is cleaned as all the impurities are removed from the water. There are many advanced technologies that have come up to save the rainwater and put it to some good use.

Different ways to do Rainwater Harvesting

There are a lot of ways to do the rainwater harvesting. Every system has its own advantages and disadvantages. It helps in the commercial activities as well. The methods mentioned below are very simple and are used often to do the rainwater harvesting.

  • Surface water collecting system- It means that the rainwater is on the ground is collected and is stored. When it rains the water falling on the ground instead of getting in the drains gets collected on the ground surface before it flows to the different locations. For example – Lake, ponds, rivers, and wells.
  • Rooftop water storing system- This is one of the best and the easiest ways to do rainwater harvesting. In this system the buildings or the societies make a provision to store the water on the terraces or the rooftops and the water is collected, which can later be used.
  • Barrage- it is dam with many opening and water is stored in this.
  • Slopes- it is the simple and the natural way to collect rainwater.
  • Trenches- this is a great way to store the water and the water stored in this method can easily be used for irrigational purposes.

Benefits of rainwater harvesting:

  • There are many benefits rainwater harvesting.
  • It provides water for the domestic use and it is one of the major sources of water. The water that gets collected can be used for various household purposes like cleaning, washing, laundry, and cooking. After cleaning the water, the water can be easily used for drinking as well.
  • The water collected from rainwater harvesting can also be used for the industrial purposes. The big companies can make their own dams and it can be used easily to save the water. There is a shortage of water in most of the parts in India, hence rainwater harvesting being implemented in such areas helps in such times. Getting water in such times is also very costly hence, rainwater harvesting at your place is the best and the most reliable option.
  • If you store the water from the rainwater harvesting, there is a supply of water all the time and you can use it in times of need. You don’t have to depend on anyone.
  • Rainwater harvesting also reduces the impact that the floods can cause.
  • The water collected at this time can also be used while construction is going on. During construction a lot of water is needed hence using this water is the ideal way.
  • It also helps in preventing water pollution.
  • The water also helps in irrigation.