Essay on My Role Model


Everybody has an ideal role model who they look up to in their lives. It can be anyone and from anywhere for example family, friends, school, sportsperson or even a super hero. The actual definition of a role model is difficult to explain as it can be different for everyone. It can be based on someone you admire for their accomplishments or for their role in your life or for their contribution to the world. These role models help in giving a positive and a worthwhile shape to someone’s personality. Over the past years, the concept of Role Models have changed. Earlier people got their inspiration from the likes of Bhagat Singh and Rajguru but now people get inspired from Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. Well it is indeed a matter of choice.

My role model

Many a times I am being asked for my role model. For me, my parents are my role models. They inspire me to get better every day. They have taught me to be responsible, loving, committed, determined and above all disciplined. They motivate me every day to achieve my goals as they are fostering good values in me day in and day out. They have always provided for me and even if it means they have to endure hardships. They never stop or pause when it comes to fulfilling their responsibilities and duties and this is what I learn from them. They have instilled in me the values of love and trust. They have taught me to be positive and social. Parents nurture their children in their formative years and they teach kids to be emotionally intelligent. The qualities that our parents possess are being passed on to them through our grandparents and most importantly they have an experience to guide us through each and every problem in life. My parents have been very supportive always. I am blessed to have parents like them. They are competent professionals and have been doing great their job front.

Contributions to the world

Another reason why I have enormous respect and love for my parents is that they have been making great contributions to the society. They have an NGO where they ensure that education reaches every nook and corner of our city. There are almost a hundred students enrolled in their school and their school is up till 8th standard. They do not charge anything from the students and they provide education to children from poor backgrounds who can’t afford to go to the schools. This is a very important contribution to the society. These children, when grow up, will always remember my parents for shaping their lives. These children also learn the same values I got from my parents. Not many people these days think of educating or well-being of other people but my parents are truly an exception.


They are not a role model for me but for these children as well. The love, courage, humility, honesty, mercy they have taught me and those children will live in this world forever. I feel lucky to be born to such parents and surely I will follow their footsteps and will also guide my own children to be like my parents.