Essay on my Favorite Pet Dog For Kids & Students

Pets are like family and my favorite pet is Gogo. Gogo is my two years old bulldog. Gogo is brown in color and he is very obedient. Gogo loves me a lot and even I love him a lot. Gogo is also very loyal to us and he listens to everything we say to him. Gogo is also a trained dog and he is very adorable. Gogo loves to eat pedigree and everything that we eat.

Gogo came to our family when he was just 5 days old. When I saw Gogo I got scared because he was such a small dog and I thought that this dog will never grow. When Gogo came my mother took proper care of him like his own child. My mother really loves the dog and she was the one who wanted a dog in the house. My father bought Gogo when he was just 5 days old and since then Gogo is living with us and now Gogo and I are best friends.

Gogo is sometimes very lazy and he doesn’t like to play especially if there is too much heat. He loves to sit inside the house and he chooses a corner, which is cool and he lies down there forever. When Gogo was the size of a rat, me and my sister we used to put him in a small hand basket and roam around and even run. Gogo used to get so scared because we used to run really fast and he had no clue what was happening. Gogo used to go and hide under the cupboards when he was scared and no one could find him. Gogo then started walking properly and he then started jumping from small heights as well. Within months Gogo grew into a big dog and he also bit me few times. When we used to take him to the Vet Doctor, Gogo always understood that we are taking him there and he will hide somewhere in the house and we have to look for him all over. But we always found him from his hiding.

When I come back from the school, Gogo jumps on me and starts licking my face. I don’t like it sometimes but that is the only way he shows me his affection. Gogo also wakes me up in the morning by licking my face and he sleeps with me on my bed.

Now Gogo is 2 years old and he runs really fast. One day, Gogo went missing. The main door of my house was open and he went out. My mother was busy doing something and I was doing my homework. Gogo went out and I saw him going outside, I called his name he looked at me but continued walking. I thought, he will just go till the garden and come back but he never came back. I was crying and I thought it was my mistake that I let him go him alone. But my father started looking for him in the neighborhood and finally found after one complete day. Gogo was sitting outside someone else’s house and he was waiting for us. From that day onwards I never left him alone. I love Gogo a lot.