Essay on My city Thiruchirappalli For Kids & Students

Tiruchirappalli is situated near the banks of the Kaveri River. It is the administrative headquarters of Tiruchirapalli District. The name ‘thiru’ in the city is devoted to the Jain Monk Chira. According to its history, the city is named after three head demons that performed the dance at the Shiva temple. My city is immensely contributed to the ancient tradition and culture. It is well known for Vaishnavite temple, which is one of the most populous Hindu temples across the globe.

Tiruchirapalli houses many monuments, ancient instruments, churches, mosques and historic temples. Tiruchirapalli was initially known as Uraiyur. It was the booming capital of the Cholas during the Sangam period. The traditional dam kallanai was built by the great emperor karikala cholan. It was just 10 miles away from Tiruchi. It was a well-known city during the Cholas and Nayakars period. The modern Tiruchi has made a remarkable place in the transport and telecommunication Industry. Tiruchi is connected to all over the country via public and private bus services. So, you can come and visit my city with ease.

Tiruchirappalli is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in India. Butterfly park, pachamalai, Mukkombu, kallanai Dam, Puliancholai, Rockford, Thalaimalai, FSM hyper mall, Ponnaiyaru dam are just a few of the most attractive tourist destinations. There are a lot of tourist spot in Thiruchirappalli, out of which Sittanvasal has made a mark in the history. It is an ancient religious site, which has immensely devoted to the gorgeous fresco paintings in the rock cave. Much of the paintings were designed during the Pandyan period. There is the number of dedicated pictures of animals such as ducks, fish, animals and lots more. In short, I can state that Tiruchirappalli is the home to beautiful ancient and religious sites.