Essay on My City Nagpur For Kids & Students

Nagpur is a city in India and it comes under the Maharashtra state. It is the third largest city in the state and it is very famous for the oranges. It is also the most important and the largest city in the Vidarbha. The city is also one of the most populated cities in the country and it is also a very literate city having the literacy rate up to 91.92 percent. My city Nagpur has also been considered to be transformed into a smart city in the state. The city is also the annual place for the winter session of the Vidhan Sabha of the Maharashtra state.

The city has many interesting facts as well like – the country’s first textile mill was started by Ratan Tata in Nagpur. It also has the India’s only National Fire Service College. The MRO facility which is constructed by the Boeing in Nagpur is the only second such facility in the world after Shanghai. The Nagpur airport also became the first ISO certified airport in the country. My city Nagpur is also the center of the Hindu Nationalist Organization RSS and it is also a very important center of the Dalit Buddhist Movement. Nagpur is also called as the Deekshabhoomi, which is the largest hollow stupas in the world amongst all the Buddhist stupas. B.R Ambedkar along with 50,000 other people converted into Buddhism in this city making it the first mass conversion of religion.

The city was founded in the year 1703 by the Gondas and Buland Shah of Deogarh. It later became the part of the Maharashtra Empire under the Bhonsle Dynasty. The city is very rich in its culture and the people of Nagpur speak in Marathi and Hindi. The people also follow all the religion and culture with full joy and excitement. The city also has literary societies, which conducts the cultural events. There are also a lot of fairs and folk dance festivals that are organized in the city. The city has a lot of places to visit and it attracts a lot of tourists as well.