Essay On Indian Air force day For Kids & Students

8th October 1932 was the establishment day for Indian Air Force and hence they celebrate their anniversary every year on the same day. This day also is marked with an investiture ceremony for the achievers held at Air Force Station Hindan, Ghaziabad.

The ceremony is marked in order to spread awareness about the activities that the Indian Air Force executes and deals with. The Air Force day celebration follows traditional parades and colorful air canopies. There are different kinds of formations made by the fighter jet pilots with their respective aircrafts in the air which are a delight to watch. Oath taking ceremony is also conducted during the ceremony, which is administered by the commander in chief.

The parades are conducted at all the respective bases of Indian Air Force (56 in total). The day marks special tributes to the brave hearts of Indian Air force which lost their life’s during various operations executed by Indian Air Force. They have also upgraded in the types of aircrafts they have been utilizing. A proper display of all the vintage and fighter aircrafts is done. Even the latest aircrafts and recently inducted helicopters are also displayed to show the power capacity of Indian Air Force.

Operations executed by Indian Air Force Day

Indian Air Force would be celebrating its 86th establishment this year. In these eighty six years, Indian Air force has executed several significant and successful operations such as Operation Rahat (most recent operation held by Indian Air Force to rescue the people struck in Uttarakhand due to floods), Operation Poomalai (for delivering supplies at Jaffna in Sri Lanka), Operation Cactus (which was launched to rescue people from Maldives), Operation Meghdoot (which was for capturing Siachen Glacier when Kashmir issue was heated up), and Operation Vijay (which was launched to claim Goa).

About Indian Air Force

Indian Air Force has a primary responsibility to protect Indian airspace and also carry out aerial warfare for the duration of a clash. Indian Air Force is the fourth largest air force in the world. and Indian Air Force was initially referred to as ‘Royal Indian Air Force’ (from the year 1945 to 1950). But when India became Republic the prefix was dropped and then ‘Indian Air Force’ was adopted. The motto of Indian Air Force is ‘Nabha Sparsham Deeptham’, which was taken from the Bhagavad Gita’s eleventh chapter. The English translation of the motto is ‘touch the sky with glory’.