Essay on Goa For Kids & Students

Goa is a small state located in the extreme western end towards the southern coast of India right below Maharashtra. It is safe to say that Goa is one of the most sought-after and a popular getaway for people all across the globe. It offers a unique vibe mixed with tradition, culture, cuisine, and the fun of being a continental state. One can go on and on about Goa and not stop without wondering how can a place give a different experience on every visit and stay. Goa is one of the top vacation places for Indians and tourists from all over the world surprisingly have a vast history.

History of Goa

  • History of Goa dates as long back as 3rd century BC when it was under the great Mauryan Kingdom which spread all across the Indian subcontinent.
  • After a series of empires ruling Goa, it was soon a Chalukya territory from 580 to 750 AD.
  • Later during the early 1300’s, the Muslim Emperors extended their empire to the continental state of Goa but soon left it because of their disinterest in the beach and continental life.
  • It was occupied by the Vijayanagar Empire for the next century to come.
  • The Portuguese who reached Goa in early 1500’s were mesmerized by the ultimate beauty of this continental state. During the early years of the Portuguese takeover, they remained in the central Goa but soon expanded northwards and westwards as well.
  • Even during the British control in India, Portuguese remained in Goa until 1961 when independent Indian military marches into Goa and freed it from the Portuguese.

Things to do in Goa

It is a very popular saying that Goa can never bore a person. It has ample of activities, including water sports that can keep you occupied during your vacation in Goa. Some of these are mentioned below:

The Dolphin Show

If you have only read about the wonders a dolphin can do, this is the time to be alive. Alot of Boats provides Dolphin seeing services. One can see the dolphins playing around and doing stunts using props. This is a once in a lifetime experience and it can’t be missed at all.

Do not miss the fleas

The Goan streets can be found having fleas of all sorts and unique in every sense. You can’t visit Goa without discovering a few of its many hundred flea’s locations.

Eat good food

If one were to believe the stats then they say the Goa has best cuisine in all of India. With a diversity of Veg, Non-Veg, Continental, Mock tails and cocktails of every sort Goa has flavors from all over India. If you are ready to have the best food of your life, get going to Goa!

The Sun Burn Festival

Like Coachella of California, Sun Burn is the most awaited festival of the year which is organized in Goa. Along with serving cocktails, famous musicians and bands from all around the world come here and perform.