Essay on Beauty Contest For Kids & Students


Chairs, ramp, lights, brightness, beautiful models and an enthusiastic audience. This is what a beauty contest looks like. Beauty contests validate an idea of a perfect beauty. Something which inspires people but apart from the inspiration, it even comes with a lot of pressure on all the people. These beauty contests are primarily based on physical appearance rather than any other attributes for instance intellect and common sense. Most of these contests have criterion like weight and height but publicly they lay the emphasis on overall beauty. And for common women to conform to it becomes a stressful task which if results in failure, leads to depression and anxiety.

Structure and criteria

Apart from the weight and height criteria, there are others which are important. Intelligence is also seen where questions are being put to the contestants and the best answer is considered. However, it is also a weird way of judging someone because the answers to the questions need not be similar for all personalities. All people have a different thinking process and therefore the answers may vary. Plus, it is also not certain whether the answers of the contestants will suit the judges or not as they too are humans and have a different thinking pattern too.

Eye-opening Truth

The lifestyle these days has become very competitive. People are jealous of each other and their kids are also following the same trend. The hard reality of these beauty contests is that the women are objectified. And the worst part is that they are willing to get objectified. These beauty pageants have been a controversial issue for a long time as they majorly are held for mediums of marketing and advertising. The women who participate in these beauty pageants have starved themselves to be in the figure. They have endured hardships in form of strenuous and difficult workouts and therefore now have their bodies chiseled. They get their bodies injected with silicon so as to look curvaceous. Their lips too are full of silicon so that they can achieve the perfect pout. So the question is where is the natural beauty of a woman? This is heart breaking that lots and lots of women are aiming to be a fashion model and the most surprising part is that they are even willing to risk everything for it. Why is there so much madness?

Conclusion – Who is a perfect woman?

Beauty contests are a good way to portray a perfect woman. Though they definitely set wrong examples of beauty standards. A perfect woman will have no qualms over how she looks. A perfect woman is not afraid of her skin color, her scars, her plump body and even her sleek features. A perfect woman respects and loves herself. A perfect woman does not need a beauty contest to make her feel beautiful. She takes pride in herself and her many achievements. If these beauty contests are to continue it will be better to have some solid criteria rather than something which makes the women feel depressing about themselves.