Essay on Advertisement: It’s Advantages & Disadvantages

Advertisement is considered to be a public notice which notifies you of a product, event or service. Advertisement is a process which brings products, events or services to the public’s eye and makes you look attractive. Advertisement can be published online, on paper, or tele casted on TV. The ethics and nature of advertising has been the event for debate for years. Here, we are going to help you with this handy guide to these pros and cons of advertisement.

Pros of Advertisement

  • Creativity – Some adverts are fun and creative to engage in their own will.
  • Bring New Products to Public Eye – Advertisements are the best source of inspiration to buy new things.
  • Helpful for economy – Marketing is helpful for the businesses to stay well ahead of competition and to increase revenue.
  • Spotting the stars you love – A lot of actors often appear in several high profile ad campaigns. It adds faith to the brand.
  • Treat and Pamper yourself – A lot of ad campaigns are intended to encourage you to pamper and treat yourself. It is the best way to uplift your mood.
  • Cultural markers – Adverts are barometers and show what people care of and your values.
  • Break from the show – You can have time to go and freshen up and grab some water when commercials come on TV show.
  • Great Idea for Gifts – Adverts are the cool way to get various ideas for gifts that you can offer to your loved ones on special events.
  • A point of talking – Everyone comes across the same adverts so they are something to discuss with friends.
  • Time to bring some snacks – Audience get some time to bring some snacks when the ads roll in the theatre during intervals.

Cons of Advertisement

  • Commercialized – TV ads show how commercialized the society is.
  • Unwanted interruptions on your favorite shows – Sometimes, all you want to watch is unlimited entertainment. You want to watch a thriller and action film without having ads breaking up the action.
  • Annoying Popups – When you want to stay in a page but ads start popping up all the time, it is very annoying to focus only on the content.
  • Spending money that you should save – Ads constantly prompt you to spend more than you intended.
  • Crass and Crude – Some people may find modern ad campaigns too low minded.
  • Security risk – There is a huge rise of malicious items on the web. They have a lot of risky ads placed on your system.
  • Annoying – TV adverts and ads on newspaper often look annoying as they consume a lot of space and lead to unwanted interruptions.
  • Not so effective – These days, people are aware enough that ads are going to sell something. So, they switch off soon as they see an ad or just change the channel.
  • Not suited for kids – Some parents find some ads are not suited for minors and they don’t want their children to see those adverts.
  • Waste of money – It is better to spend money on education or for some noble causes, instead of wasting it on ad campaigns.