Top 10 Best Landscaping Companies in India

Landscaping containing vegetation, topography and related soils, water bodies and plants, and their spatial formation is the most observable requirement of people as well as a vital aspect of the life of a community. A well-designed landscape provides physical, psychological and environmental benefits and complements a particular space.

Greenery outside the house makes your surroundings fresh and keeps you away from negative things. It’s easy to be happy about the scents and sights offered by the landscape, lawn or backyard, but they cost more than the scent and pleasing aesthetics. An expert or landscape professional can only understand how to built drainage systems, how to choose plants and how to construct wall.

List of Top Landscaping Companies in India

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A homeowner not only risks damage to their property but could end up costing their homes if they are doing the landscaping themselves. That’s why you need to choose a landscaping company with a team of experts that can add quality finishes and add value to your home through limit and careful planning. Let’s take a look at some of the best landscaping companies in India:

  • Plantshala
  • Sri Green Landscape India
  • Green Mall
  • Garden World
  • Seven Bucks Irrigation
  • Palm leaves
  • Aqua World Greentech
  • Ecoscapes Landscaping
  • Gamlaa
  • Go Green

1. PlantShala

PlantShala was founded by Santosh Chaturvedi. The company engages in offering services right from advisory services to turnkey development and landscape design. Apart from this, it provides terrace garden, urban farming, drip, and vertical green wall service to governmental, commercial, residential, and farming sections. It also provides manure & plants, farming power tools, manpower, agricultural implements, and tool focusing on marginal farmers. Keeping in mind the needs of the people or the challenges faced by the people living in modern cities, Plantshala has come up with a great solution with its design and services.

2. Sri Green Landscape India

Sri Green Landscape India is a full-service company established to meet the needs of the people with innovative landscapes, therefore making the environment greener. The company produce pioneering landscapes thriving for a greener environment. It offers a wide range of professional services for business corporate, five-star hotels, commercial & residential buildings, IT parks, government organizations and educational institutions.

3. Green Mall

Green Mall was founded by Dinesh Rawat with the idea of ​​helping and inspiring people to “Go Green”. The company’s services are divided into 3 parts, which include Scenario Designing, Execution and Supply. They cater to the needs of every customer after understanding their needs and demand. Green Mall also provides maintenance services as per customer requests to ensure that the works remain in a new shape. They are specialized in the execution of the design. Since its inception, they have provided many lucrative projects for its clients including Tata Group, ITC, Srijan Group, etc.

4. Garden World

Garden World is India’s popular commercial gardening design and landscape architect Company offering unbeatable quality, tremendous experience, and craftsmanship in gardening and landscaping. They provide landscaping designs for both commercial and residential property managers within your budget. They specialize in the planting of annuals of all sizes, shrubs, trees and species.

5. Seven Bucks Irrigation

Formed in 2015, Seven Bucks is renowned for its budget-friendly landscape design and unbeatable dedicated services such as Specification Review, Landscape, Project Management Services, etc. Presently, the company earns a strong reputation in this business that an expert in producing design with detail attention. Seven Bucks Irrigation has professional, highly-trained landscape architects, designers and well-educated experts and engineers to cater to the needs of each of their clients within their budget.

6. Palm leaves

Palm leaves are offering an all-embracing greening solution with large scale experience in landscaping design & architecture, maintenance, garden designing, landscape & growing execution and Plants nursery services. It has been offering healthcare, residential, Institutions, Hotels, Architects, commercial developers and hospitals with all the greening solutions. Besides supporting a client in the conceptualization and initial designing phase of landscaping, Palm leaves help them in choosing the premium outdoor and indoor plants with the least upkeep.

7. Aqua World Greentech

Aqua World Greentech meets a wide range of industrial buildings like developers, residences, promoters, government institutions, commercial and construction organizations, hospitals etc. Over the years, the company has gained exclusive expertise in performance and operational project execution capabilities with absolute precision. The company is based on its advanced prowess in irrigation systems for sprinkling irrigation and drip to preserve water for large projects. It has prompt much budget-friendly solutions based on the client’s demands and design. Apart from the size and shape of the land, Aqua World is popular for its affordable and eye-catchy deliverables.

8. Ecospace Landscaping

Ecospace Landscaping is one of the sought-after landscaping companies that have been a bit appreciable with its actions towards producing a green effect on clients that lasts for a long. Founded by Suraj Nayak, The ecospace landscaping is a Bangalore-based company. The company is popular for their aesthetically pleasing design, well-built construction and customer service. The best part is that the company comprises design engineers, landscape architects, project engineers, skilled staff and supervisors who work towards creating designs that suit the diverse needs of their clients.

9. Gamlaa

Gamlaa is an efficient, innovative and extremely reliable company in India. Established in 2013, the Hyderabad based company offers products and solutions that mix in the workspace as an essential part of the Interior design. In a short span of period, the company has been providential to get collaborate with leading companies of the world like Novartis, Apple, Google, etc. The company ensures that its services and tools are environment-friendly, cost-effective and require low maintenance.

10. Go Green

Go green is a consultancy firm for energy-efficient, environment-friendly services and products. It aims to offer great quality products within the client’s budget. Today, The Company is constantly alienating new manufacturers and experts, making it stand out from others. They specialize in dealing with chemicals and biotechnology.

Final Words:

When it comes to do-it-yourself landscaping, even your small efforts may not help in increasing the value of the property, whereas a landscape company has a team of experts to transform the entire look. These are some of the best landscaping companies you can hire for your lawn.