Top 10 Best E-Rickshaw Manufacturers in India

Due to their low cost and convenience, electric rickshaws have become a popular mode of transportation in India. Because e-rickshaws are so common in India, their market has grown rapidly in recent years.

When compared to three-wheelers and four-wheelers, the two-wheeler market is the largest in India. Yet, many E-Rickshaws are still plying India’s roads. Batteries such as lead acid and lithium ion power many electric rickshaws.

Hence, we have included a list of the best e rickshaw manufacturers in India here on our post. To that end, let’s understand them more thoroughly.

List of Top E-Rickshaw Manufacturers in India

1. Mahindra Electric

Mahindra Electric

From the Mahindra & Mahindra Group comes the industry-leading Mahindra Electric Mobility brand of electric solutions. Mahindra & Mahindra & Reva Electric Vehicle Company joined together in 2010 to form this electric rickshaw factory.

The original name of the company was Mahindra Reva Electrical Vehicles, but they changed it to Mahindra Electric Mobility in 2016. The company also provides mobility solutions and manufactures a wide variety of electric vehicles (EVs) that use cutting-edge drive train technology.

2. Atul Auto

When it comes to producing E-rickshaws, Atul Auto Limited has quickly become one of India’s most promising new companies. Moreover, it was one of the top five three-wheeler brands in the world. A company that makes both auto rickshaws and cargo three-wheelers is called an “E Auto rickshaw manufacturer.”

Founded in 1986, the company has come a long way since then. There are now more than a million Atuls driving throughout the globe. Moreover, Atul offers a wide variety of electric passenger rickshaws, such as battery-powered auto rickshaws. There are a variety of Atul E-rickshaws to choose from, such as the Atul GEM Cargo, Atul Shakti Cargo, Atul Elite Cargo, & Atul Elite Plus.

3. Kinetic Green

A major player in the intercity transportation industry, Kinetic Green is a frontrunner in the industry. It was in 1972 when HK Firodia started making electric auto rickshaws. Moreover, the company’s products have come to represent innovation and superiority in their industry.

Kinetic now offers an extensive catalogue of items, from three-wheelers and scooters to electric bicycles and buggies. The Luna Moped was the first product made in the factory. Also, in 1975, the “Man of the Match” award in Indian Cricket Series was sponsored by the first indigenous moped. This is in addition to the Kinetic Safar Smart & Kinetic DX that is provided by Kinetic Green.

4. Piaggio Vehicles

One of the leading companies in India producing E rickshaws is Piaggio Vehicles Private Ltd. (PVPL). The business, started by Rinaldo Piaggio, has been operating since 1884. Ape, the company’s first product, was released in 1999 and marked the beginning of this successful E rickshaw manufacturer’s adventure in India.

In addition, Piaggio is unrivalled in India’s inner-city transit market. In later years, the company expanded into the burgeoning market for electric vehicles by producing electric rickshaws and three-wheelers. Together with that, it became a cultural icon in this field.

5. Jezza Motors

Vani Electric, headquartered in Kolkata, was established in 2014, and its most well-known brand is Jezza Motors. The company was founded on the premise that the market for electric vehicles will only grow. Jezza now offers a wide variety of products through a sizable dealer network.

 That’s why it’s one of the most exciting new developments in the field of electric vehicles. This Indian company not only produces i-CAT-approved e-rickshaws, but also two-wheelers and spare components. In addition to the Jezza J1000, it also offers the Jezza Super J1000 as well as the Jezza J1000 Prime.

6. Thukral Electric

Established in 2014, Thukral Electric is indeed a firm in the Delhi area. The Delhi-based firm produces, ships out, deals in, and supplies electric vehicles including e-trikes and e-rickshaws. Customers express delight that these automobiles are both environmentally friendly and iCAT-approved. The Thukral Electric DLX and the Thukral Electric Stainless Steel are just two examples of the extensive range of products available.

7. Mayuri

Saera Electric Car Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of the Satra Group of Companies, produces the Mayuri, India’s most popular electric rickshaw. The history of the corporation in the Indian auto market dates back more than 40 years. Its offering was unveiled by Shri Nitin Gadkari.  3,500+ e-rickshaws were given to residents of Uttar Pradesh by the country’s then-prime minister, the Hon.ble Shri Narendra Modi, in 2015.

8. Udaan

Energy Electric Vehicles, of which Udaan is a part, was founded in 2015 in Delhi. The business produces and distributes a variety of electric rickshaws, including as auto rickshaws and three-wheeled vehicles. In addition, this leading E Rickshaw maker offers electric auto rickshaws of exceptional quality. The range of E rickshaws available from Udaan includes the SN Electric Passengers E -Rickshaw, the Udaan E Rickshaw, and many more.

9. Mini Metro EV

As a leading maker of electric rickshaws in India, Mini Metro EV deserves some recognition. Since its founding in 2014, this corporation has been producing and selling a wide variety of electric cars. Moreover, this extensive catalogue features electric passenger cars, electric loading rickshaws, and electric trash vans.

 In addition, the company’s main production facility is located in the UP city of Meerut. Also, the company turns out a variety of high-end cars that meet all applicable global norms. Mini Metro offers a variety of rickshaws, and is a model of efficiency and operational excellence, guaranteeing superior performance.

10. City Life

City Life is a top provider of E rickshaws in India. It went live in 2015 and has since been stocking E-rickshaws, battery-powered loaders, and other similar products in stores across the country.

The company’s high-quality electric rickshaws have also helped it make a name for itself in the electric passenger vehicle sector. The company’s experts and professionals create these automobiles to be competitive on a global scale.


These original equipment manufacturers of e-rickshaws equip this field with the most effective mobility solutions for metropolitan tasks.

E rickshaws made by the companies on the above-mentioned list are some of the best available, and they’ll help the electric passenger rickshaw market grow.