Top 10 Best Boiler Manufacturers In India

Industrial boilers are huge devices fitted with large pipes and other components to provide steam or hot water for a number of industrial purposes. The boiler is a device that generates steam by providing heat energy to water through fuel combustion. Domestic boilers are also available for heating homes. Boilers are used to assist in the industrial processes in many industries, such as textile manufacturing, power generation, pharmaceuticals, paper, food and beverages, commercial laundry, breweries and distilleries, and more. Materials such as stainless steel, alloy steel, and carbon steel are required to construct boilers. Manufacturing boilers require pipes, pipe fittings, plates, valves, and tubes.

There are multiple boilers, such as steam boilers, hot water generators, hot air generators, thermic fluid heaters, waste heat recovery boilers, and more. The Indian boiler market is worth $146 million and is expected to grow 6% in the coming years. There are multiple top manufacturers of boilers in India. They have been listed here.

List of Top Boiler Manufacturers In India

1. Forbes Marshall

Forbes Marshall

Forbes Marshall, established in 1926, is a leading manufacturer of boilers in India. This is an American company with a huge presence in India. Forbes Marshall specializes in providing customized steam solutions to industrial enterprises to increase the efficiency of their processes while adhering to environmental standards. A combination of cutting-edge technology and a skilled workforce is the main feature of this company.

Forbes Marshall manufactures various types of boilers. Apart from boilers, this company also manufactures steam traps, mainline steam trapping, and pipeline accessories. Forbes Marshall exports its boilers and other products to many countries, such as the UK, Belgium, Japan, and Germany. This is an ISO-certified company and is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

2. Hitech Technochem

Hitech Technochem was established in the year 2001 and is based in Ghaziabad, UP. It is a leading manufacturer of boilers with over 20 years of experience in this field. The types of boilers manufactured by this company include industrial steam boilers, thermic fluid heaters, hot water boilers, electrode-type boilers, and hot air generators.

Hitech Technochem manufactures many other industrial products in addition to boilers. These include industrial RO plants, water treatment plants, softeners, industrial chimneys, dust collectors, oil burners, distillation plants, jacketed plants, and heating ovens. This company uses premium-quality materials, high-end machinery, and tools to manufacture boilers and other industrial products. The manufacturing facility of this company is located in Savli near Vadodara and has certification from Indian Boiler Regulations or IBR.

3. Thermax India Limited

Thermax India Limited is one of the world’s biggest boilers manufacturers. It is a part of the Thermax Group and worth $661 million. The headquarters of this company is located in Pune. Thermax India operates 14 manufacturing facilities, of which 10 are located in India, and the rest are located abroad. The sales network of this company spans 88 countries.

Thermax India Limited manufactures industrial boilers providing steam generation for processes and power needs. A wide range of boilers, such as boilers using various solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels, waste heat recovery boilers, and more, are manufactured by this company. The boilers are manufactured in Vadodara, Pune, Shirwal, and Mundra facilities.

4. Agni Boilers Private Limited

Agni Boilers Private Limited is a well-known name in the Indian boiler industry. It is a leading manufacturer of boilers and is located in Ghaziabad. This company makes both IBR-compliant and non-IBR-compliant boilers. IBR-compliant boilers manufactured by this company include water tube high-pressure boilers, electrode-type electrical boilers, packaged-type internal furnace boilers, and agro waste-fired boilers. Non-IBR boiler made by this company is coil type boiler.

Other types of boilers manufactured by Agni Boilers Private Limited are waste heat recovery boilers, thermic fluid heaters, hot air generators, and hot water generators.

5. Cheema Boilers

Cheema Boilers, established in the year 1999, has an experience of over 20 years in the boiler industry and is a trusted brand in this sector. The product range of this company includes fuel-fired boilers, hot water generators, and steam plants. The main features of the boilers manufactured by Cheema Boilers are low emissions, fuel flexibility, and high efficiency.

Cheema Boilers has completed over 2500 boiler installations and 1000 upgrading of old boilers to date. Its boilers are used in many industries, such as pharmaceuticals, plywood, paper, construction, chemical, iron and steel, distillery, and more.

6. Industrial Boilers Limited

Industrial Boilers Limited, established in 1974, is one of India’s largest manufacturers of steam boilers. It is a part of the IBL Group, established in 1860. In 1986, this company became the first boiler manufacturer in India to make a commercial fluidized bed boiler. IBL introduced the world’s first hybrid commercial fluidized bed boiler in the year 1990, which was named Agropak. The company introduced the unique boiler capable of using bio residue as fuel in 1995 and was named Brownian Motion Furnace.

IBL’s product range includes process boilers, power boilers, steam turbines, high-temperature generators, FBC boilers, high-pressure bagasse boilers, and more.

7. Thermodyne Engineering Systems

Thermodyne Engineering Systems was established in 2008 and has become one of the leading industrial boilers manufacturers within 15 years. The product portfolio of this company includes regular boilers, biomass boilers, powertherms, instatherms, thermairs and others. The boilers manufactured by this company are known for their energy efficiency.

Thermodyne Engineering Systems provide customised boilers as per heating requirements. It has many famous clients, such as L&T, Merino Industries, Goodluck, and Metso.

8. Crupp Boilers India Private Limited

Crupp Boilers India Private Limited is one of the fastest-growing boiler manufacturers in India. It has become a leading company in steam generation, heater, burner technology, and energy-efficient boilers.

Crupp Boilers specializes in hot water boilers, steam boilers, water wall boilers, thermic fluid heaters, coal/oil/gas-fired utility boilers, and heat recovery steam generators.

9. Southern Boilers & Equipment Private Limited

Southern Boilers & Equipment Private Limited was established in 1995 and is based in Chennai. Its manufacturing facility is located in Kakkalur, which is 40 kilometers from Chennai. The product range of this company includes thermic fluid heaters, steam boilers, hot water generators, and hot air generators.

Southern Boilers exports its products to many countries, such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Sharjah, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Rawanda, and Uganda.

10. Ambey Boilers & Fabricators

Ambey Boilers & Fabricators, established in 2009, is known for manufacturing boilers with several superior features such as sturdy construction, minimal heat loss, high efficiency, longer life, and easy maintenance. This company, such as industrial boilers, oil-fired boilers, coal-fired boilers, and package boilers manufacture a wide range of boilers.

Ambey Boilers & Fabricators is based in Panipat, Haryana. Its boilers cater to many industries, such as paper mills, rice mills, paint, plywood, milk processing, pharmaceuticals, poultry feed plants, and solvent plants.


The boilers manufactured by the best companies in India score high on a number of parameters, such as energy efficiency, operational costs, setup costs, safety features, durability, and more. They are the principal boiler suppliers for various industries.