Apple Company Net Worth, History, CEO, Headquarter, Origin Country & More

You may have heard a million times that Apple is the biggest company in the world when it comes to market cap, right? Yup, that’s 100% true, but the thing is, how did a company that was started behind the garage door get to this level? Well, in our opinion, that story is kinda the most inspiring one in the world. So yeah, if you are someone who’s interested in Apple’s history, how they started the company, the net worth of Apple, and things like that, then you should keep on reading because we are about to give you a lowdown on just that.


Apple Origin Country United States
Established Year 1976
Headquarters Cupertino, California
Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple Net Worth $2,785.71 billion
Industry Tech and Consumer Electronics

The Apple Story

Can you even believe it? Apple, that tech giant we all know and kinda adore because of their products, actually started in a garage back in 1976. Yep, right there among dusty boxes and old bikes! See, when Steve Jobs and Wozniak decided to build this entire company from scratch they didn’t know it yet, but their actions would end up inspiring millions around the globe. And in the year 1984, they really revolutionized the way we talk about personal computers, all thanks to their OS Macintosh. And just like any good story, Apple (as a company) had to face so many twists and turns throughout the years. For instance, did you know that Steve Jobs, one of the brains behind the magic, was shown the door in 1985? But he made a comeback, a massive one though! And he steered Apple to the heights we see today. But how exactly is Tim Cook then? Well, for your info, he has been the main guy, aka the CEO of the company for a while now. He’s the one behind all the advancements that Apple is making right now, so yup, it’s kinda safe to say that Apple’s future is in his hands.

Apple’s Net Worth

See, Apple’s money game has been kinda strong. Really strong actually. By the start of 2023, they had a whopping $56.727 billion to their name. That’s just their shareholders’ piece of the pie. Impressive, right? But wait, let’s rewind a bit to January 2022, and Apple was in the news, literally everywhere in the world. Why, though? Well, they were the first ones to touch the massive $3 trillion mark in market value. Now, fast forward to October 2023, and their net worth of $2,785.71 billion says it all. Yeah, that’s still a LOT of billions. And if you still don’t get it and you are asking yourself over and over again “What exactly is market value or market cap?” Well, simply put, it is kind of how a company’s worth is measured or estimated to say so, by looking at all its shares. It can go up and down, but for Apple, it has been kinda sky-high over the past few years or so.