Unleashing the Power of Amazon: How to Maximize Re-Selling Potential

Who among Amazon’s sellers doesn’t want to see their sales rise? Everyone desires that. Amazon is a fiercely competitive business, therefore sellers must be innovative to stand out from the crowd, particularly when it comes to re-selling on Amazon.

Considering the competition, Amazon presents great chances to boost sales. The 2.5 billion users that visit Amazon each month present a substantial opportunity for corporate expansion. If you employ the proper tactics, you can achieve your goal. The tactics for increasing Amazon sales that are discussed in this post are explained in detail.


Ways To Maximize Re-Selling On Amazon

Here we are providing you with a few fool-proof strategies to increase re-selling on Amazon with all the re-selling potential ever possible.

Set Competitive Prices

It’s crucial to set a product’s pricing appropriately. If products are reasonably priced, consumers will find them more appealing. Additionally, a good price can help you get a Buy Box because Amazon frequently gives them to the top bidder.

In case you win the Buy Box on Amazon, then it’ll increase your sales as more than 80% of customers shop via the Buy Box.

Competitive pricing doesn’t imply that the price is always set at the lowest level, though. Price reductions shouldn’t be overdone because your company needs to be profitable over the long term.

Determine your selling price as well as stick to it. It does not matter in case a competitor wins the Buy Box on Amazon, they might run out of products or Amazon might remove the Buy Box because of their poor account health. So, sacrifice profit in the short term to win the game in the long run.

How To Set Competitive Prices?

You must set your product’s price by the average and minimum Buy Box prices to maintain a competitive price.

With the help of the Seller Assistant App, you can easily ascertain the Buy Box’s average and minimum prices as well as compute price increases of 2%, 5%, and 10% via the dropdown menu. Additionally, information on pricing dynamics is given.

Attract External Traffic

External traffic is the customers that land on your Amazon listing from somewhere else. In maximum cases, an expansion in traffic means a boost in sales. Even though not all traffic results in sales, the more people who click on your advertisement increases the likelihood that someone will buy your product. Therefore, bringing in outside traffic helps to increase sales.


How You Can Attract External Traffic?

There are many sources for attracting external traffic. Your customers can find your items through referrals – bloggers, influencers, and also other partners advertising your referral product links; on social media sites like announcements on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

You can also use the Google Search Engine to optimize your product page and to get external traffic from Google Search Engine.

You can bring in customers from sources other than Amazon by picking the right traffic source. But keep in mind that many traffic providers have a particular target market. Ads on Pinterest or Instagram, for instance, must feature aesthetically appealing products, while TikTok’s target market is consumers between the ages of 10 and 29.

Offer High-Quality Products Only

Amazon sellers should assure that their items meet high-quality standards. Customers are most positively affected by high-quality products, which also encourage them to buy and guarantee their satisfaction.

Satisfied customers are highly likely to leave positive reviews and feedback, which help the sellers build trust. A lot of customers look at the reviews of a product and seller ratings before buying something.

How to Guarantee High-Quality Products?

Try to get things from only reputed vendors to reduce the chance of receiving defective products. Research potential suppliers if you do not know any. Additionally, make sure to save all paperwork about your merchandise, including invoices and purchase orders.

Examining a product’s sales history is a dependable way to find faults with it. It is advised to steer clear of a product if it has received bad reviews or consumer complaints.

Offer Deals And Discounts Often

All customers love special discounts, coupons, and offers. However, some customers particularly browse Amazon for discounts. Deals also let you target price-sensitive classes of customers, which helps boost sales on Amazon.

How to Offer Deals And Discounts on Amazon?

Create special discounts from your seller account. Go to Inventory and Manage Promotions in your Seller Account to make changes. On the “Create Promotion” tab, click the “Create” button for the type of promotion you want to offer. After deciding on the promotion type you wish to launch, specify the terms and schedule your offer.

Provide Good Customer Service

Customers on Amazon will want to buy from you again if they are pleased with the services you offer and have faith in your ability to address any questions they may have about the item or resolve any issues that may arise. Excellent customer service frequently results in recurrent business.

You won’t need to worry about managing customer support if you sign up as an Amazon FBA seller because Amazon will take care of that for you. To improve client loyalty and boost sales, you can offer an improved customer experience.

How to Enhance The Customer Service Quality?

Monitoring your Amazon seller indicators of success is crucial. They help you gauge how well you serve your customers. On the Seller Central Account Health Dashboard, Amazon is in first place.

Order Cancellation Before Fulfillment Rate, Late Shipment Rate, and Order Defect Rate must all be under 1%, 2.5%, and 4%, respectively, according to Amazon. Ensure that you reply to client inquiries, demands, and issues within 24 hours. Additionally, keep an eye out for bad reviews and work to remove them.


Sales growth is the goal of every Amazon seller. This goal is indeed achievable if you use the right tools and strategy. The Zonbase is a popular next-generation tool that helps in re-selling on Amazon. It delivers an impressive range of user-friendly and valuable features. Hope these strategies were helpful for you to boost your sales on Amazon.