Platforms That Support Automatic Bitcoin Purchase

Crypto-currency, one of the fruitful thoughts from next-gen technology. In the current generation where the world has been too busy to make themselves one of the candidates of being a person with materialized wealth and money, the tech-savvy have taken this stage to a whole new level. Now, to have wealth in your name, you don’t have to have a big bank but a few megabytes of the internet will do that for you. Cryptocurrency has been one of the biggest steps to a new financial revolution where there is no need for a bank to store your money, now you can just store it online.

Crypto-currency is mainly a market equivalent online currency that has been encrypted to be a secure and trustable unit to measure this new e-currency. Now, as we are talking about the crypto-currencies, Bitcoin or BTC is one of them to be considered as one of the highest valued. Now, to store a crypto-currency it is obvious that a  person would be needing a storage option or an online wallet. There are many online applications that can provide such support for the users dealing in Bitcoin or other crypto-currency. So, today we will be having a look at some of the applications that can help a user to have automated options in order to have transactions using cryptocurrency. So, let us go and have a look at some of the useful applications that can help you in order to do so. 

Apps To Rule Over The Bitcoin

Here are the top 5 platforms that support automatic Bitcoin purchases. So, go through this section and get the necessary information regarding the “Bitcoin purchase”.


Coin base is the most leading mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges in the US. Most recently, it becomes a standard on-ramp for certain latest crypto investors. Coin base offers plenty of products involving an advanced trading platform, cryptocurrency investing, a wallet for retail inventors, custodial accounts for the institution and it’s own US dollar stable coin.

It was launched in 2012 and is completely licensed and regulated cryptocurrency exchange in 40 U.S states. As the application deals with currency-related matters, the Coinbase authority has provided a maximum amount of security to their application. The application has provided the maximum amount of bank-level security that has been maintained throughout the application. Onto that the application also has its own two-step authentication that helps the user to restrict their account from any kind of unauthorised access. The application also helps the user to keep track of their local currency compared to the crypto-currency being dealt with. For that case, the application has also a dedicated dashboard that helps the user to get notified about the ups and downs to the market. Now, in most of the cases the application expects that the user using the application is a beginner so the application will also guide the user for most of the transactions they are dealing with or with the features of the application itself.


As we all know that while we are dealing with the crypto-currencies itself, there can be multiple options to choose for. Bitcoin is just an option to go with. Now, Binance is one of those applications that give the user a huge number of choices as per the different type of crypto-currencies matters.

Binance is also one of the secured applications to deal with cryptocurrencies. The application has its own dedicated application security named as the Secured Asset Funds For Users or SAFU that keeps the users and their assets secured from any kind of online threats to be expected. One of the positive notes while using Binance is that whatever the crypto-currencies either Bitcoin or Ethereum they are buying, they will be getting a percentage of interest as well as per the time matters which makes the application much more usable and fruitful.  As Coinbase has a dedicated dashboard, Binance also has some of its aces under its sleeve. Users will be able to get alerts for price drops and any information related to the crypto-currency the user is dealing with which is a big point. So these are some of the advantageous points that  Binance has to give.

Cash App:

Square Cash App is one of the most used applications while talking about the online applications dealing with crypto-currencies. Cash App is a multi-purpose financial application that can be used in order to have transactions in crypto-currencies as well. Like Binance, Cash app also has a huge variety of options to go with in case of using different types of crypto-currencies. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, there are no such options left untouched. While talking about the security of the application, Cash app is no different than any of its stereotypes. The best thing about the Cash Ppp is that every user gets their dedicated installation from Cash App’s point of view.

Whenever a user opens their account in the Cash app, they usually get a QR code. Using that QR code a user can install their Cash App for the very first time, where the QR code is different for every user across the globe. That means using any other user’s QR code other users won’t be able to install the application on their device. Cash app also provides a  way to bypass this scenario in case a user has lost his or her QR code. In such cases, the user needs to provide their identity to the application to open the account or at least for the signup process. The application also provides an active cash app card that helps the user to buy anything where the card is applicable. Even Cash  App direct deposit to bank is also available

So, these are some of those applications that can be used in order to have the transactions in crypto-currency such as bitcoin. There are also other applications such as the Exodus, Bit2Me, BlockFolio that can be used as well. While using any kind of financial application dealing in crypto-currencies, it is better for the users to go through the instructions and rules as well as these applications are all about real money.