Oriental Car Insurance Premium Calculator, Chart

Oriental Insurance Company is one of the oldest and popular companies offering various insurance policies to people all over India. Its main headquarter is located in New Delhi. This company has more than 1800 branches in and around India.

What is an Oriental Car Insurance Premium Calculator?

If you visit the official website of Oriental Car Insurance, you will find its premium calculator online which is a smart tool that offers an immediate insurance quote for your car, as per your needs.

Important information to input in Oriental Car Insurance Premium Calculator

There is some basic information that you have to enter in Oriental Car Insurance Premium Calculator to get the right insurance quote. If in case, you are willing to renew your car insurance, then certain factors will be considered which includes:

For a new car

You have to provide some important details so that premium for your new car can be calculated easily which includes:

  • The car manufacturer
  • Model of your car
  • State in which car is registered
  • Manufacturing year
  • The personal details of the car owner

For an old car

If you want to calculate the premium of your old car that you are using for few years, then you need to enter the following information:

  • Type of your car
  • Type of fuel (Petrol/Diesel/CNG)
  • Details of your car insurance plan
  • The registration number
  • If in case there is a change in ownership, those details
  • History of insurance claims, if taken any

How Oriental Car Insurance Premium Calculator calculates the premium?

The premium of your oriental car insurance plan depends on various factors which include:

IDV: IDV stands for insured declared value of your vehicle. It is your car’s present market value. This is the sale price of your vehicle, reducing the depreciation. It is the maximum sum that can be insured and this is the amount that is paid by the oriental car insurance company to the insurer, in case of a total loss claim.

If in case your IDV of the vehicle is high, then the premium of your insurance plan will also be high.

Engine’s cubic capacity: The car insurance premium which is about 3rd party liability is fixed by Insurance regulatory and development authority annually. This revolves around your car’s engine’s cubic capacity.

The premium rates for third party liability for all the private cars as per 2021-2022 are mentioned below:

Capacity of engine Premium
1,000 cc or less than that 2,182
Between 1,000 cc & 1500 cc 3,383
Above 1500 cc 7,890

It is easy to access the Oriental car insurance premium calculator, by clicking on its official website.

Fill in the online form by choosing the following:

  • Vehicle type
  • Policy type
  • Date of vehicle’s registration
  • Date of the vehicle purchase
  • City from where it is purchased
  • The zone of RTO

As soon as you verify the filled information, click on the “Calculate premium” option for receiving an insurance quote right away.

If you are happy with the quotation, then you can buy the policy with one click.