Loco Pilot Salary In India

Engine and train drivers (also known as “Loco Pilots”) are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of passenger and commuter trains. Maps, signs, and rules for operating trains are depicted. Loco Pilots are not hired through conventional channels. Assistant Loco Pilot is the entry-level position from which Loco Pilots are directly recruited, with the expectation that they will advance through the ranks to Assistant Loco Pilot and then Loco Pilot.

A locomotive engineer (Loco Pilot) is someone who operates trains and makes sure they are well-maintained while in service. In the Indian Railways, this is a very high-ranking position.

 The prerequisites for becoming an Assistant Loco Pilot have been outlined below (ALP).

How much does a loco pilot salary in India?

Loco Pilots on the Indian Railways might earn anywhere from INR 19,900 to 1.04 LPA.

ALPs (Assistant Loco Pilots) and LPs (Local Pilots) earn, on average, INR 30,000 & INR 50,000 per year, respectively. The starting salary of an Assistant Loco Pilot in India is 3 LPA.

Loco Pilots can make as much as INR 40 LPA at the top of the pay scale.

A Loco Pilot can expect a base salary of INR 1,900 per month, in addition to benefits including a termination package, a dearness allowance, a housing allowance, a transportation allowance, and a night shift duty.

New hires begin as APLs and, after 6 to 8 years in the field, are promoted to Senior ALP positions. Senior ALPs with ten years of service or more are eligible for promotion to the role of Loco-Pilot.

Any LP who has worked for the Indian Railways for between 10 and 15 years is eligible for advancement into the managerial and administrative ranks.

Eligibility criteria

Listed below are some of the minimum qualifications needed to become a Loco Pilot.

  • A resident of or a citizen of India, Nepal, and Bhutan
  • Candidates must be able to provide proof that they have completed the tenth grade (or its equivalent) and have passed the matriculation (or SSC) exam.
  • Minimum age is 18 and maximum age is 28.
  • Institute of Technical Education (ITI) program recognized by either National Council for the Vocational Training or a state-level equivalent
  • Engineering Diploma in Bachelor of Technology or higher in Electrical/ Mechanical/ Electronic, or Automotive Engineering from a program accredited by the (AICTE)

Skills required for becoming a pilot

  • Because of the lengthy shifts that locopilots work, stamina is crucial.
  • They need to be strong so that they can transfer heavy gear.
  • The task calls for quick thinking and reactions.
  • Ability to make decisions quickly and correct
  • Information systems tasks that involve mechanical or scientific work necessitate the presence of technical capabilities.

Scope of Locomotive Industry

The Union Budget for 2023 prioritized spending on infrastructure projects as a means to boost the economy. The purpose of the (NRP) is to lay the groundwork for the Ministry of Railway to build out the country’s railway system over the long term.

 The plan calls for the beginning of several crucial projects by 2024, including those to increase capacity, improve infrastructure, and increase rail freight, with completion expected by 2030 to meet rising demand through 2050.