Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance Add On Covers

Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance Add-on Covers: An Overview

A basic insurance plan covers third-party liability only, but if you want to enjoy additional benefits that can help you save from a huge financial loss and can benefit in long run, then you must consider add on plan such as Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance Add-On Covers to your car insurance policy plan.

Here are some of the best Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance Add-Ons Covers listed below:

Engine Cover

The Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance Add-Ons Cover engine protection offers added protection to the car’s engine. We all know the cost of repairing and replacing an engine can cost huge amount and a regular car insurance doesn’t cover it. Thus an added protection to your car’s engine can help you in saving a lot.

This coverage is helpful, especially during the rainy season. It covers the expense arising due to the damage of gearbox and engine due to lubricant leakage or water ingression.

Return to Invoice Cover

This coverage ensures that you get the full value of your insured car if it gets damaged completely in an accident or it gets stolen.

It is important because in case of a total loss, or when the car gets stolen, you are offered insured declared value, which is less than the price that you paid while buying a new car. But if you go for the Return to Invoice coverage, you always have the option to get the invoice price for your car, which includes the showroom price, road taxes, registration charges, in case there is a total loss to the car or theft.

Roadside Assistance Cover

You can get the assured help through roadside assistance coverage in case your insured vehicle breaks down in middle of a journey. You don’t have to stress over the towing charges, fuel supply, battery jump-start, tyres repairs, etc. All the arrangements are made available under Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance if you are having this coverage in your policy.

So next time when you renew your policy, don’t forget to add on this coverage as it helps a lot to those that travel from one city to another frequently.

NCB Protection Cover

This is the best Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance Add-On Cover and one must have it. No claim bonus is a type of bonus, which one can avail of on the damage premium of a car, only if no claim is made during the whole policy period.

If you have taken even one claim, then you are no more eligible for this offer. In case you have taken the NCB protection, then you can keep the no claim bonus intact, even if you make a claim. This is a beneficial add-on as the amount of NCB is huge and it ranges between 20% to 50%, based on the claim numbers, which gets zero if you make a claim.