Indigo Precious Metals: A Review for New Investors in 2023

Indigo Precious Metals (IPM) provides secure storage facilities to its clients, making them a highly recommended option for precious metal investors. Their vault in Lloyd’s of London is insured and offers special buyback pricing – an amazing benefit for new investors.

Tax-Free Offshore Storage

Precious metal investments have grown increasingly popular as an asset diversifier and safe haven in times of economic uncertainty, offering protection from inflation and currency devaluation. They offer protection for wealth against devaluation by inflation.

Indigo Precious Metals

Indigo Metals’ staff or expert staff members are deeply knowledgeable about the metals they provide, with their aim being to deliver an enjoyable purchasing experience for each of their customers. Trust is built with clients so they can make wise financial decisions for the future; and Indigo has earned an outstanding reputation across the metals industry due to their expert advice and guidebooks.

IPM provides a safe shopping cart using SSL encryption technology to protect your personal information. Multiple payment methods are offered so you can complete your transaction securely, while the team of experts are on standby should any questions arise regarding orders or storage options.

IPM’s website is easy to navigate, making the process of ordering precious metals online simple and fast. Once your order has been fulfilled, you have a variety of delivery options: pick it up at their Singapore showroom on Amoy Street, have it shipped via insured courier services, or store your product in their ultra-secure vaults in Singapore which feature armed guards, hi-tech full body scanners, remote access doors and triple power redundancies for maximum security.

Competitive Pricing

Precious metals provide an effective means of diversifying your investment portfolio, providing stability during both rising and falling markets as well as protecting savings against inflation. IPM provides several options for purchasing and storing precious metals securely – including high-security vaulting at Le Freeport Singapore (, an online ordering process, competitive prices, as well as international shipping service.

Since 2006, they have built up a remarkable worldwide reputation. Operating three offices worldwide and offering various products from their diverse selection, their customer service is second-to-none while their team strives to offer an excellent experience; helping you to make informed decisions about precious metal investments for your portfolio.

Their prices are highly competitive when compared to other dealers in the industry, thanks to distributor contracts with refiners that enable them to pass along savings to their customers. Their website features an impressive product selection including LBMA silver cast bars and bullion coins; as well as various payment methods which make purchasing simple for domestic as well as international clients.

However, it should be noted that this company does not offer IRA services, and this could be seen as an obstacle for some investors who wish to establish gold IRAs. Luckily there are other firms which do provide this service and other companies which also specialize in gold IRAs.


Secure Vault Storage

Precious metal investments are an increasingly popular way for investors to diversify their portfolios and protect wealth against currency depreciation. Finding an experienced dealer like IPM with secure storage is key for making the right investment decision.

IPM not only offers its clients high-quality products, but they also receive invaluable investment advice from its team of specialists who understand global market factors that you can read about here. Their team can assist in selecting which precious metals would make an ideal addition to their retirement plan and can advise them accordingly. With low premium costs and expert investment advice available at affordable rates, this makes IPM an attractive option for both novice and veteran investors alike.

IPM offers offshore storage for their client holdings, eliminating the need to declare them to government authorities. Their vaults are located in Singapore – a tax haven known for being politically secure with cutting-edge security features – making IPM an excellent solution for investors looking to safeguard their investments during financial turmoil.

Excellent Customer Service

IPM’ team is well-versed in precious metals investment, taking great care to understand your specific goals and concerns so they can provide you with expert guidance. Available by phone, email, and live chat for easy assistance when needed, so if you’re wondering “is indigo precious metals legit?”, that should answer your question. Additionally, they have multiple payment methods and can ship products both domestically and internationally.

IPM provides not only storage services internationally but also offers clients a buyback program for their metals stored with them at its Singapore or London vaults, with prices listed on its website if the buyback program applies as a precaution against scams this service does not list its buyback prices for non-customers.

Though IPM does not boast many customer reviews from past customers, they are legitimate businesses with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Even without customer testimonials or feedback available to IPM investors, they do provide outstanding customer service and offer competitive pricing on precious metal investments. While they do not provide IRAs specifically, other features make this company attractive to investors.