How To Write A Letter To Close Bank Account

Have you ever wondered how you can close a bank account? With most banks, there is no specific form that you can submit in order to close your bank account. You’d have to write a letter to the bank branch manager about that. But many people feel confused about what to write in that letter about bank account closure. Don’t worry now, we are here to help you out with that. Here we will be talking about why people close their bank accounts in the first place, and what details should you mention in that letter to the bank manager. Not just that, at the end of this post, we have also included a format sample that you can use worry-free. Let’s get started now.

Reasons Why People Close Their Bank Accounts?

There could be many reasons why one wants to close their bank account permanently. This could be because of many personal problems. Or it could be that you are no longer in need of that particular bank account, that’s why it is better to close it and transfer these remaining funds to your active and preferred bank account. Sometimes you don’t use a bank account very often, but you get charged annual maintenance charges, other banking fees, and whatnot. In this case, it would be better to close that account instead of bearing the expenses.

However, if there is no balance in your account, and it has been inactive for years now, the bank has the authority to close such a bank account. That’s because sometimes people forget their bank details, and lost their bank passbook, so they usually don’t use that particular bank account anymore.

What Details Should You Mention In The Account Closing Letter?

Along with the basic format of the letter, you must mention the following details in order for the successful closure of your bank account.

  • Bank Account Details That You Want To Close
  • Other Bank Account Details For The Remaining Fund Transfer
  • Reason Why You Want To Close The Bank Account
  • That Particular Bank’s Branch Address
  • Your Signature

Now Let’s get down to the actual letter format that you can copy line by line and submit to the bank manager for bank account closing.

Bank Account Closing Letter Format:

When writing an account closing letter to the bank manager, try to keep the format and language of the letter as simple as you can. And always write straight to the point without any bluff.


To Bank Manager

State Bank of India (Here goes your bank’s name)

Bank’s Branch Address

Pincode – XXXXXX

Date: 12/12/20XX

RE: Application For Closing The Bank Account


 I have been an SBI customer since 20XX, and my bank account number is 123456789.  And because of some personal issues, I am no longer able to maintain this bank account. Therefore I have decided to have it closed. I kindly request you close this account as soon as possible. It would be greatly appreciable if you transfer the remaining funds to my other bank account whose details are given below. Please initiate the account closing process as soon as possible, it would be a great help.

Bank Name: (Your another bank’s name)

Account Number: (Your other bank account number for the remaining fund transfer)

IFSC Code:

Thanking You

Yours Faithfully

Your Name

Your Signature

Account Number: (Bank account number that you want to close)


Alright, that’ll do it. Simply write the account closure letter this way, and you won’t have any issues in closing your old bank account and transferring the remaining funds to another bank account.