How To Block Or Unblock BOB Atm Card

Bank of Baroda is a public sector bank in India, and it is the second largest bank in the country. It falls only after the State Bank of India. Bank of Baroda was founded in 1908, and the bank’s headquarters is in Gujarat. If you are a Bank of Baroda customer, then we are sure you would have an ATM card from the bank. Sometimes, we tend to lose the card, which can lead to financial loss. In such cases, you must also block the card immediately.

To help you, we have listed the steps to block and unblock your Bank of Baroda ATM Card. You can scroll down to check the details, and we are sure this will help you in times of panic.

BOB Atm Card

Blocking the Bank of Baroda ATM Card

Internet Banking: You can block your Bank of Baroda ATM Card through Internet Banking. The detailed steps are listed below.

  • Visit the official BOB website
  • Once you are on the dashboard, please click on Cards and then Manage Your Cards.
  • You will see an option for Temp Blocking. Click on the option and follow the steps on the screen.
  • After selecting the Debit Card, you can block the card immediately. Please note that you will get an OTP in the last step, and you will need to enter the same to confirm blocking the card.

Mobile Banking: The most preferred way to block the card or avail of any services from the bank is through their mobile banking app. In the case of BOB, the official app is M-Connect Plus. Below are more details about the same

  • Open the mobile app and log in to the application.
  • Click on the Menu option and select Card Block from the menu.
  • Select the card you would like to block and click on the block. This will place a permanent block on the card.
  • To place a temporary block on the card, please reduce the limit of all transactions to 0. This will disable the transactions on the card. Please note that all the transactions need to be selected to 0.

Toll-Free Number: If you would like to block the card through the toll-free number, you can dial 1800 258 4455 or 1800 102 4455. Once on the line, please press 2 to continue to the menu option. Then select the Lost card option by pressing one, and then again Press 1 to select Blocking the Debit Card Option. To provide the confirmation, please press one again, and you will be asked to enter your 16-digit account number. In the next step, you will need to enter four digit debit card number and then press 1 to confirm the block. Please note that the IVR menu may change, but the flow will remain unchanged. So, it is in your best interest to listen to the IVR options carefully.

Bank Branch: Another method to block the card is by visiting the Bank of Baroda branch. You can visit the branch and submit an application to block the card. This is a slow method since it involves you physically visiting the branch, and hence it is also the least preferred method.

SMS: Bank of Baroda also allows you to block the card through an SMS. To do so, you need to SMS Block <Last 4 Digits of Card> to 9223172141. The SMS should be sent from your registered mobile number. The Bank of Baroda ATM card will be blocked immediately.

Unblocking the Bank of Baroda ATM Card

If you have placed the temporary block on the card, you can easily unblock your Bank of Baroda ATM Card. However, if you have permanently hotlisted the card, it is certainly not possible to unblock it. To unblock the card, in case of a temporary block, you can navigate to the same options in Internet Banking or SMS Banking. You would need to increase the card’s limit again to unblock it. Once you update the limit, you can perform the transactions again through your Bank of Baroda ATM Card. This is the easiest way to unblock the card. The bank doesn’t support unblocking the card through a toll-free number because of the potential risk of fraud. Placing a temporary block on the card can save you from the need to replace the card, and thus it can save you from the reissue fee that the bank charges for providing you with a new card.


This was all the possible information about blocking or unblocking your BOB ATM Card. We hope this information has helped you meet the required objective. If you need clarification or more information, please reach out to us through the comment section. Please dial only the official number and remember that the Bank’s executive will never ask for OTP or your Debit Card Pin. Never share all this sensitive information with anyone on the phone.