Essay on Red Fort New Delhi

Everyone knows Red Fort as one of the many wonders in India. Although it has seen many centuries that has a valuable history of our country, Red Fort stands young as forever. On every 15th August, that is our independence day the Prime Minister of India addresses its country about its righteousness and purpose of life. It is one of the greatest and most important historical creations in India. This monument holds together the walls that have witnessed the Mughal dynasty, captive India during British empowerment to now a democracy.

The Red Fort adds on to the beauty and integrity of our national capital.

The origin of Red Fort

This monument holds utmost importance in Modern Indian History. It is built of Red Sandstone alone. This Red Fort was built by Shah Jahan- the fifth emperor of Mughal dynasty. Located in central Delhi it was where the Mughal emperors lived for many decades. Red Fort was a magnificent castle encrusted with precious jewels which were looted by the Britishers during their empowerment over India. Since Delhi was the capital of India until the British men shifted it, Red Fort was the control place for the entire nation. Built on the banks of Yamuna River, the walls of this grandeur fort have been built from 30 meters high Sandstone. It is believed that Red Fort was made after 9 years of hard work of innumerable masons for day and night during all seasons.

Architecture of Red Fort

The architecture of Red Fort is more than just appreciable for it was built five centuries ago without any modern day technologies and methodologies. It is made with typical Mughal art and view. It has a Diwan-e-Am which means courtroom for all. The king hosted a hearing from common men about their sufferings. The Red Fort is built right next to the Fort of Islam Shah Suri, namely- Shalimar Fort. He built it in 1546 as his equipped Palace. Both the fort is joined together by a water channel, namely- Stream of Paradise, or Nahr-i-Behisht.

The Present day Verdict of Red Fort

  • Unlike before it is not used as a Royal Palace for which it was built centuries ago. But its integrity is yet alive which is why the prime minister of India addresses the nation on every 15th
  • It also holds special place in history because Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru declared the independence of India from Red Fort.