Essay on Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi- one name that every person on this planet knows today. It is not just his diplomacy which brought him to be world’s third strongest person but it is his down-to-the-earth personality which brings him where he is today. It is safe to say that Narendra Modi is the greatest Prime Minister that India has ever seen in 70 years of independence. One can go on and on about the stories of smartness and subtle mannerisms of Narendra Modi but can’t just. Besides being the third greatest politician in the world today, Narendra Modi has always leaded a simple and subtle life. To know more about his early life, before becoming the Prime Minister of India and revolutionizing the growth of India, read on.

Early life of Narendra Modi

  • Narendra Modi is the first independent Indian Prime Minister whose birth date falls after India’s independence.
  • He was born on 17th September 1050 in the village of Vadnagar in Mehsana district of Gujarat.
  • His parents led a very poor life of a grocer and it was next to impossible for making ends meet. Besides all the odds Narendra Modi was keen on going to school and completed his education.
  • During his school days, he worked part-time at a tea stall.
  • He somehow made it to a college and worked as a promoter at the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. People say that this was the beginning of his political career.
  • In the early 1990’s when he was a spokesperson at Bharatiya Janata Party, Narendra Modi took a three-month course on public relations in the US.

Political Career of Narendra Modi

  • As mentioned above, from a very young age Narendra Modi has taken a keen interest in organizing and debating.
  • In 1988 he became the general secretary of Gujrat unit at BJP.
  • His continuous campaigning and down to the earth personality helped him win the BJP state elections for Gujarat.
  • It is safe to say that BJP is going to set a world record for having a longest-running term at one state for 27 years and the credit goes to Narendra Modi.
  • Since 2001 he continued becoming the chief minister of Gujarat until 2014 when he was elected the Prime Minister of India with the greatest majority ever.
  • As long as the current situation lies, the heartfelt diplomacy of Narendra Modi has gained him and India a good position in the world.
  • A long series of schemes that he has launched during his three years of the 5-year term have benefitted one and all citizens.