Essay on Jharkhand For Kids & Students

Located just above Odisha, Jharkhand is one of the leading states in India. It is safe to say that Jharkhand is a recent state which was cut out from Odisha 17 years ago in November of 2000. This makes Jharkhand 28th state of India followed by Telangana which is the 29th and the last state of India as of now. It shares its borders with Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, and Maharashtra. The most interesting fact about this 79,700-kilometer long state is that 75% of this state’s population is tribal or adivasis.

The Chota Nagpur plateau which makes up most of Jharkhand is a very important resource of Jharkhand. The plateau is not only rich in resources like elements and metals but also three mighty rivers, namely- Damodar, Koel, and Subarnarekha.

A look into Jharkhand’s resource richness

  • The region is rich in Iron, Coal, Uranium, Graphite, and Manganate.
  • Jharkhand makes up 40% of the total mineral wealth of the country.
  • Surprisingly, this tribal state of India has 35.5% of countries coal reserves, 90% of copper deposits and 22% of iron ore.
  • It is very surprising to know that besides having most of the tribal population, Jharkhand is a most industrialized state in India.
  • Jamshedpur, Ranchi, and Bokaro are the top three industrial heads of India.
  • Many speculate that India will be the leading economic powerhouse of India within next couple of decades looking at the advances being made.

The must visit places in Jharkhand

Dassam Waterfall

Get ready to witness the most surreal sight of a waterfall situated between the mountains. Many call it a miniature of the great Niagara Falls; this sure is a sight in itself. It is situated in the Tarub district of Jharkhand.

The Betla National Park

Situated in the Chota Nagpur Plateau, the Betla National Park is home to unseen flora and fauna. It boasts a wide range of wild animals and gives you a mesmerizing sight of a nature walk.


It is a famous mountaintop situated in the Parasnath mountain ranges which are at the farthest end of Chota Nagpur Plateau. Its breathtaking view and pleasant weather will give you a gist of nature and its beauty.

The Ganga Riverfront

The Ganges River is most Holy River in India which is widely worshipped by one and all in India. The riverfront in Jharkhand is turned into a holy spot which enables the pilgrims to worship the holy river. It is beautifully decorated and built into a riverfront.