Essay on Human Rights

Human rights as the word say means that humans have certain rights, which are made for their benefit. There are certain things that people should know and follow when it comes to their rights. Human rights have made things simpler and easier for people to make a difference in their life. There are many rights that are a part of our daily life and in today’s world, the people must be aware of all of them. It is not simple to live a life where you don’t know your rights as you can be treated in a different way and you will not even come to know about it.

The human rights are a part of the constitution and everyone must know their rights. It makes things easier for everyone and it is an important thing in one’s life. The human rights include various rights such as right to education, freedom of speech, right to share your opinion and many other rights. People should be aware of all these rights but they should not misuse it at any cost. Nowadays, there are many people who use the tag of human rights as a saviour to do many things and also get into wrong practices. One must understand these rights and should follow them in a proper and civil manner.

The human rights have now become a global concern and the United Nation has taken this up seriously and is concerned about the rights that the humans have and how they are been used.

There are rights given to the humans in every sector of the society and it is a prime duty of the humans to be well-versed with them.

The general human rights include- a right to life, freedom of movement, judicial rights, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, right to liberty and many other rights. The economic and social rights consist of the right to work, Right to leisure, right to a good standard of living, right to education and many more rights.

The world is taking a lot of concern about the women’s right. The women have been treated badly since ages and the government couldn’t do much about it at that time. But today the government and the UN have taken steps to give the woman equal rights that they deserve.

There has been racial discrimination and caste discrimination since time immemorial. The government is also making a lot of efforts to give equal rights to all the communities and its people.

In the end, it becomes our duty to use these rights properly and live a better life that we deserve. People should love and respect each other and the humans will flourish.