Elevance Health Company Net Worth, History, CEO, Headquarter, Origin Country

The healthcare scene in the United States is kind of a mess right now, but there are new policies popping up to make patients and their families feel at ease, at least financially. And when it comes to that, there are so many health insurance companies keeping up the good work. Without a doubt, Elevance Health is one of those companies. In fact, it is one of the biggest in this particular niche or sector. Seeing that they only started out in the year 2004 and made it this big, is really inspiring. If that has made you a little intriguing about this company, then simply keep on reading to find out more interesting details like the net worth of Elevance Health, a little bit of history, and things like that. So yeah, here we go.

Elevance Health

Elevance Health Origin Country United States
Established Year 2004
Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.
Elevance Health CEO Gail Koziara Boudreaux
Elevance Health Net Worth $105.27 billion (as of October 2023)
Industry Managed healthcare and Insurance

The Elevance Health Story

Did you know that Elevance Health started its journey way back in 1946? Yup, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, it started life as Mutual Hospital Insurance Inc. and Mutual Medical Insurance Inc. at first. By the 1970s, they covered a whopping 80% of health insurance in Indiana. That’s big! In 1972, something exciting happened though. These two companies, now known as Blue Cross of Indiana and Blue Shield of Indiana collaborate aka came together. And by 1985, they merged and got a new name, which was “Associated Insurance Companies, Inc.” This company, over time, had many new adventures, and different names, and even grew bigger and bigger. Fast forward to 2014, Elevance Health came into the scene. A group of smart folks with tons of experience saw some problems in the healthcare world. Things like high costs, tricky processes, and the quality of care, and because of these things they decided to actually get down and do something better for the patients. And that is precisely what Elevance Health is all about.

Elevance Health Financials

Elevance Health really made quite the numbers in the last year. They made a whopping $156.6 billion just in sales. Now, that’s a big number and you can’t deny that! And out of that, they took home $6.03 billion. Not bad, right? They had stuff worth $102.8 billion, and their own value stood tall at $36.31 billion. Now, before June 2022, folks knew them as Anthem, Inc. Heard of it? Yep, Elevance Health isn’t just about one thing though. Oh no! They touch many parts of healthcare. From doctor visits, medicines, and dental checks to caring for your mind and helping people with long-term needs. That is exactly what Elevance Health is the master at. And with all that they earned in 2021, they landed the 20th spot on the big 2022 Fortune 500 list. Talking about their current financial situation as of October 2023, they have a total net worth of a staggering $105.27 billion.