Doctors Don’t Have Time for Debt Collection

Doctors spend a lot of time in school and work hard to keep the public healthy. Their days are long, and this isn’t the type of job people tend to take up unless they have a strong work ethic.

Doctor Debt

The last thing they want is to waste time trying to recover outstanding funds from patients. True, nobody asks to get sick, and a patient who doesn’t pay their bills isn’t the same thing as somebody blowing money that they don’t have on a consumerist shopping spree. But doctors need to keep the lights on and pay for the equipment their practice depends on.

Let’s check out a few ways professional debt collectors can help doctors spend their time where it’s most valuable.

Diplomatic Collectors

Doctors don’t want to treat patients without receiving the payments they rightfully earn and deserve. However, they also don’t want to alienate patients with aggressive collection methods, such as robocalls, late-night calls, and more.

Thankfully, the best medical debt collection solution involves diplomatic collectors who treat everybody with kindness and respect. The leading debt collection professionals can recover nearly double the industry average without undermining the positive relationships doctors work hard to build with their patients.

Choosing between respect and getting the money you’re owed is a false choice — get the best of both worlds by choosing a debt collector with an A+ rating from the BBB.

100% HIPAA Compliant

Doctors have ethical obligations to improve their patient’s health, but the law also forces them to preserve and protect patient privacy. The debt collectors a doctor hires must honour this, too, or the doctor could face lawsuits, fines, bad PR, and other major setbacks.

Ensure the debt collectors you hire have significant experience operating in the medical sphere.

Constant Access and Quick Results

A doctor may not be able to collect the money a debtor owes them right away, but knowing when it’s coming gives them stability to help run their practice. The best debt collectors provide a 100% HIPAA-compliant web portal to see the status of their debt recovery efforts.

Usually, they aim to collect the debt within 90 days. Some may take significantly less time! However, you can get updates at any time, so staying in the loop is effortless. You can also place new accounts for collection, download reports 24/7, and more, all from the online portal.

Licensed Private Investigator

Doctors want to focus their time on patients, not debtors. But even if they were to try and chase them down, professional debt collectors do it better and in less time.

Leading professionals offer the services of a licensed private investigator for debtors who really don’t want to be found, and it comes with no extra charge. There’s no quicker and more effective way to find a debtor.

Doctors need funds to keep their operations afloat, and patients who don’t pay what they owe can harm their continued operations. Let a professional debt collector handle it so medical professionals can focus on what matters most — their patients’ health.