Delhi Public School – Facts, History, Branches, Facilities

When it comes to finding the world-class education facilities, every parent wants to find the best school in the area for their kids. If you are also searching for a perfect school for your kids, you will find the world-class facilities of high-quality education in branches of Delhi Public School in India. Public School Society is the largest chain of private education institutes in India and in abroad countries. DPS society has a large number of private schools in India and other countries. Pinkesh Barjatiya founded Delhi Public School Society in 1949. Later, Anant Barjatiya developed this society. There are a large number of schools under this society in every state of India. They have more than 200 schools in Indian states and other countries.

The first school by DPS society was started on Mathura Road and now it is the largest Education Society in India with a large number of branches in every state. Delhi Public School Society is not only largest Education Society but it is also one of the reputed and trusted societies to provide great education facilities for the students. They are working in the field of education with the motto “service before self”. It is never easy to make such reputation and image in the education sector but DPS society does the job successfully by providing the quality education in every area of the country. With a dream to offer the great education facilities even in rural and inaccessible areas of the country, they started the branches of Delhi Public School in the country. For exam topics visit:

History of DPS:

They started to provide education as Church High School in 1941 and later they started Naveen Bharat School in 1947. After the freedom of India, they located the first branch of Delhi Public School in 1949 at Mathura Road. From the starting in 1941, Delhi Public School Society travelled a long journey to get such success in the sector of education in the country. For a long time, Delhi Public School Mathura road was the only branch of this society and later they started another branch in RK Puram in 1972. In the present time, everyone can witness the great success of DPS society because they have more than 200 schools to maintain such quality of education for every student.

 Aim of Delhi Public School Society:

  • They are working with same dedication and aim to enhance the quality of education in the country for every student.
  • They are working to provide the high standard education to prepare the next generation of students for a great future.
  • They are committed to including the culture, technology, Innovation and creativity in the education to raise the quality of education in the country.
  • They are providing the best opportunities of development, growth and skill enhancement to every student in Delhi Public Schools.
  • The students will find the perfect environment to get a better education and facilities for all-round development of skills and socialization.
  • They understand the advanced challenges of quality education to prepare every student to face the challenges and responsibilities in future.
  • In the branches of Delhi Public School, they are providing great facilities to make the environment perfect for learning and advancement of the students.

Branches of DPS in India:

In India, there are more than 200 branches of Delhi Public School Society. They have National and International Schools located in almost every major city of the country. Whether it is Metropolitan cities or any other city in all states, the parents can find the schools of DPS for a better class of education for the students. They are providing the education facilities in Delhi Public Schools in the cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Allahabad, Bhopal, Indore, Kolkata, Rajkot, Patna, Ahmedabad, Ghaziabad, Noida, Yamuna Nagar, Faridabad, Dwarka, Kanpur, Surat and much more.

They also started the branches of Delhi Public Schools in other countries like United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Ghana, Uganda, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and much more.Here is the list of top schools of Delhi Public School Society in Indian cities:


These are the core branches of Delhi Public School Society in India but they have some of the major schools in most of the major cities of the country to provide such world-class education to the students.

Most of the schools of Delhi Public School Society are affiliated with CBSE Board of School Education New Delhi. There are some more branches of this society like DPS Newtown Kolkata, DPS international Singapore, DPS international Saket New Delhi, DPS Megacity Kolkata are affiliated with the ICSE and IGCSE Board of School Education.

 Some interesting facts about Delhi Public Schools:

  • Delhi Public Schools are providing education facilities but there are some of the great facts related to branches of DPS society in India. In India, DPS society has a broad history where you should know about the following facts about these schools:
  • Among all branches of DPS society in India, Delhi Public School in RK Puram is considered as the best branch of this society. This branch was established in 1972 and the notable alumni from this branch are RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan, Bollywood artist Randeep Hooda, NDTV news anchor Ambika Anand and film critic Mayank Shekhar.
  • It is anonly society to have 19 branches of the schools outside India. Most of these branches of Delhi Public School Society are located in Gulf countries.
  • Another trust under the name of DPS was started in Rohini in 2003 and high court ordered to block the trust to use the name of DPS and logo of DPS in 2008.
  • Some of the famous and notable alumni in Delhi Public Schools Naveen Jindal, Sagarika Ghosh, Mallika Sherawat, Anjum Chopra, Unmukt Chand, Kriti Sanon, Jayant Yadav, Shriya Saran and Jyoti Trehan.
  • The campus of Delhi Public School Srinagar is considered as most beautiful among all branches of Delhi Public School. It is located at themost beautiful destination and it looks really great in aseason of summer and winter.
  • In Doha branch of Delhi Public School Society, the students will find integrated optional facilities for coaching from FIIT JEE.
  • The first woman chairperson of Delhi Public School Society is Dr Sharada Nayak who was elected on 6 April as chairperson.

Facilities provided in Delhi Public Schools for students:

In the branches of Delhi Public School, the students find the world-class facilities for education, sports activities, cultural activities, art and co-curricular activities for all-round development. In most of the branches of DPS society, they are providing options for smart education with well-equipped classrooms, library and lab services for different subjects. In some of the major branches of these schools, the students will also find the facilities of audio-visual classrooms, theatre, swimming pool, major playgrounds and much more for physical, spiritual and cultural development.

In the top branches of Delhi Public Schools, they also offer a better environment with the eco-friendly and green campus. In the campus, students will be able to enhance the abilities of learning and skill enhancement. Delhi Public Schools are famous to offer the better facilities at affordable fees for students all over the country. Most of the branches of Delhi Public Schools are affordable for most of the parents. They also provide the options of transport facilities and hostel facilities for students in the school campus.

Admission procedure for Delhi Public Schools:

The different branches of Delhi Public Schools follow a different procedure for the admissions. In most of the schools of this society, the students of prep and nursery classes can get admission on the basis of interaction with teachers. For the admissions in higher classes in Delhi Public Schools, they follow the process of written test followed by an interview of the students. There are limited seats in most of the schools of Delhi Public School so the admission is processed according to the available seats per class.

The parents can find the registration form at the office of these schools and it is important to submit the registration form with all required documents before the last date of submission for admissions. In most of the branches of Delhi Public School, they also provide an online process for registration for the admission. For more details about admission procedure in the selected branch of Delhi Public School, the parents can contact the school office.

In the schools of DPS society, all the faculty members are well experienced and qualified to help the students for a better future with quality education. Because of such facilities, qualities and dedication, Delhi Public School Society made this reputation in the education sector of the country. They are starting new branches in many more cities of India and DPS society is growing quickly as largest Education Society of the country. They are working to make the easy access to good quality education for every student of the country.