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How to Promote your Business Using Print Content

Do you ever get tired of looking at your phone? Well, trust me, you’re not alone! While technology has undoubtedly taken over the modern 21st century world, it doesn’t come without its own setbacks and exhaustion limits!

But you know what doesn’t? Paper, of course! And for anyone in the business world, print marketing isn’t something to be overlooked. In fact, despite the many advancements in advertising and the seemingly outdated nature of print, you’d be surprised at the benefits and success that print marketing carries.

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Not a marketer? No worries! Hop on board and enter into the world of print advertising with my tried and tested strategies:

1. Flyers For the Win

There’s no beating the power of a good flyer. From advertising sales to special events to the hottest picks of the month, flyers are a versatile piece of marketing material – and to make them work for you, all you need to know is how to leverage them!

Positioning, visibility, durability – all of these things are important, but first things first: designing a worthwhile flyer. If you’re not looking to spend big bucks designing your flyers, then PosterMyWall’s flyer maker is the perfect tool for you!

Easy enough to use that you don’t need to hire a graphic designer, you can browse through the dozens of design templates available in PosterMyWall’s flyer maker, choosing one that suits your brand aesthetic. And the best part? All of PosterMyWall’s flyer designs are customizable, meaning that you can edit to your heart’s desire! 

2. Business Cards to Impress!

While smartphones are practically an attachment of the hand nowadays, there’s nothing that quite beats a good old business card. Forever a staple to the wallet – or more typically to the back cover of a millennial’s phone case – business cards go a long way in getting the word out about your business.

Make sure that your business card speaks for itself – after all, you’re not going to be there to pitch it. Include information such as the business name and tagline, contact details, and a clear indication of the service or product that you’re dealing with. And of course, stick to the brand colors to promote customer loyalty.

Once you’ve got a stunning business card in your hands, make sure that you transfer them into the right hands! Place them at areas of public gathering, send them with orders, and have them distributed in offices and along neighborhoods – the customers will start pouring in!

3. Posters, Posters, and Posters

No matter how old we get, a good poster holds the power to draw us in. From the days of making our own posters for school bake sales to basing our buying decisions on the ones we see put up around us, it’s clear that the poster is a diverse and multifaceted marketing tool.

Whether it’s a new product or an exclusive deal, posters are a great way to advertise the latest happenings in your business. And don’t worry if you’re not a designer. Simply head on over to PosterMyWall’s poster maker tool and flick through until a template catches your eye.

Then, with no graphic designer needed, you can edit and customize the poster of your choice until it lays true to your brand. Go for a clear and concise message – something that will stick with your audience long after they’ve come across your poster – and a color palette that is appealing and easily comprehensible to the eye.

And you know what? All of this is oh-so-easy with PosterMyWall’s poster maker tool since you can perform edits and customizations with just a few clicks – all without breaking the bank! 

4. Brochure Catalogs

Sometimes we need a little more convincing before we actually reach into our pockets and make a purchase. Call it curiosity, apprehension, good buying sense – it’s really up to you – but it all has the same effect: the need for a marketing tactic that is strong in its delivery.

And what better way to impart information about your business than with a revisit to one of print advertising’s finest mediums: the brochure catalog. Perfect for combining the right amount of information along with images, brochures help you visualize your business for the customer, reeling them in till they join the loyal customer segment.

Once you’ve nailed the layout and the content, it’s the distribution that’s to be handled. While this depends on the nature of your business, public places are always a great place for brochure distribution, as are sending them along with the mail.

So, if you’ve got a business to advertise then taking a trip down memory lane and bringing out the old print marketing tactics are just what might save you. Happy advertising!

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